Mike Lazaridis Talking Up The HSDPA BlackBerry

Stefano just sent me a link to a interview of Mike Lazaridis done by Joia Shillingford of the Financial Times. I found it quite interesting to see where his likes and dislikes stand.

What caught most peoples attention was:

Latest squeeze? One of our prototypes – a 3.5G BlackBerry. It’s very fast over third-generation networks that have HSDPA

The thing is that everybody at RIM gets a chance to play with all the latest toys months before we even see them. I guess they managed to solidify the device enough for their co-CEO to use it.

Personally I found these two points more interesting:

How wrong have you been?We’ve been in mobile data since 1988. Year after year we’ve been predicting “this is the year of mobile data”.We were wrong till last year, when carriers started to talk about mobile data making a meaningful contribution. I never dreamt it would take so long.

Company to watch (not yours)? IBM. They have a product called Lotus Connections. I think it’s going to be a really powerful tool for corporations and governments. And we’re installing it at RIM.It quickly builds up a picture of how an organization works, and who has what expertise – based on their searches and what they tag as important.

If you are interested in this kind of stuff I highly recommend reading the full story at this link.

PS: Let me know if you also noticed that FT misspelled “organization” in the second to last paragraph of the interview? I guess they have the same editors as BerryReview.

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