Are BES Servers Not As Secure As We Thought?

SocialengineeringWhen I first read this article, “BlackBerry Server Ripe For Hacking,” on Techworld I was shocked and had to read. I guess I am a sucker for titles.  So I read the article and from what I am understanding there is an issue with CERTAIN implementations of BES that could open backdoors through your BES. The reason the title shocked me at first was because the government has their BlackBerry devices and servers on serious lockdown.

If you are interested in this kind of stuff I would highly recommend reading this article on Natasha Lomas got in contact with Scott Totzke, the VP of Global Security at RIM, to get his thoughts. He has some interesting comments about the NTA report on BES security considerations.

On a related sidenote it was funny to read that our friends across the pond have been realizing the need to secure BlackBerry devices especially in the government. This is even more important when you send your BlackBerry for repair with the direct phone number for the Prime Minister and MI5 in the address book.

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