Apple iPhone SDK here at last; Should we be worried ?

index_steps_1.pngWell I’m on the other side of the world and we don’t even ‘Officially’ have the iPhone here yet, so I will do my best…

The ‘Software Developers Kit’ or SDK was released today, or was it yesterday, as it’s already tomorrow here, but if it’s tomorrow, why haven’t we got the phone of today that’s so ‘yesterday’ yet…Damn, I think I just confused myself…

I got hold of a couple of unlocked iPhones about 6 months ago via eBay (more for review and comparison purposes). The 3rd party software that is available to the moment is absolutely dreadful…Seriously, I have seen better material written by 2 year olds !


As Ronen stated in a previous article, Apple have also announced that the new version 2.0 iPhone firmware with enterprise support is supposed to be coming in June. That’s just a little over 3 months away. So, should Rim be worried ? My guess is ‘Very’. The iPhone has swept the world. The ‘wow’ factor should have warn off, but with a Worldwide advertising campaign and clever product placement (ie: Academy Awards and ‘Mythbusters’ just to name a few) it is continuing to be the ‘Must Have’ item. When you add something like enterprise support to such a popular item it will catch on like wildfire.


Don’t get me wrong here. Yes, I am a ‘huge’ fan of Apple.(Anyone who has read my articles over the last 6 months or so would know that 🙂 ). But I’m an ever bigger BlackBerry fan. Sure, the iPhone might be good at playing music and YouTube video clips but at the end of the day, I still consider it nothing more that a ‘Toy’. (Mine has been relegated to the task of iPod since I’ve done the side by side. And while I’m on the subject, Sorry for not having written it up yet, but I’m still….Oh hell, I’m just lazy 🙂 ).

So what will Rim do about it ? What will they do to secure up there existing customer base and get back the inevitable converts ? Your guess is as good as mine…I think this is only something Rim, and time can answer.

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