Review: Krusell Horizon With MultiAdapt

IMG_3897Review: Krusell Horizon With MultiAdapt
[rating:7] 7/10
Cost: ~$25

This is the first Krusell case we will be reviewing in a series. The case is a good contender but it is plagued with a critical flaw. It is a universal case. This means that there are no cutouts for the BlackBerry buttons and ports. It also means that there is no magnet built into the case to allow the BlackBerry to function in holster mode. The case would have easily scored another rating point higher if it had the magnet built in.

The case is a great fit for the BlackBerry 8300 and fits it nicely. The case has some issues with sliding the device in and out because the flap is rigid. Keep in mind that this case is available for all of the current BlackBerry models. You just need to choose the correct sizing. Krusell also includes a cool feature called MultiAdapt. This means that the clip is removable and can be exchanged for another style of clip.

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For this review we have taken the BlackBerry Curve version of Krusell’s Horizon line. This one is called the XS-wide version. It comes with two color options. One that is all black and one that is black and tan. We are reviewing the latter. The packaging for the case is actually quite nice so I pictured it below.



The front of the case looks very nice and is made with some soft genuine leather with Krusell’s logo added.


The flap of the case is held with a magnet clasp that works very well. The main complaint I had was that the flap closure has some hard cardboard in it that makes it hard to open. This makes the flap very hard to open all the way. I had to bend it back every which way until the leather loosened. After I did that the case worked much better.

There is a very nice cutout on the bottom of the case that allows you to easily push your BlackBerry out. I think this should be a requirement on all cases!  


There are no cutouts on any of the sides for any of the BlackBerry ports or buttons other than the power button on top.



On the back of the case you can see the MultiAdapt connector. There are also two belt loops that I ended up using instead. I found that the clip put the case too high on my belt and made it uncomfortable to sit down in certain positions.


The case comes with the clip separate and the clip connects to the back of the case by sliding on. To remove you just stick a pen in the hole and push it off. You can see in the picture below how the clip extends below the case like I mentioned above.


This MultiAdapt idea is actually pretty cool. The fact that you can remove a clip or say interchange a fixed clip with a swivel one is innovative.

Below you can see the problem when a case does not have a “earth” magnet to put the BlackBerry into “holster mode” inside the case. You can see that the screen does not turn off.




  • Multi-Adapt clip & belt loops
  • Fits device perfectly
  • Soft leather
  • Two color options


  • No magnet & cutouts for buttons and ports
  • Belt clip makes case ride high on belt
  • Stiff closure flap


The Krusell Horizon case line are great cases which are held back by the fact that they are universal cases. This means that they are not specifically designed for the BlackBerry so they do not have the cutouts for the ports and other features that BlackBerry cases usually have. I really wish Krusell would release a version made for the 8300 with at least the addition of a magnet to put the device in holster mode.

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