Don’t Write and Drive !!! Please…

This was one of the hardest articles I have ever written. The pictures I have posted below are from an email I received from a relative in Europe who happens to be a police officer. The header on the email was, “Don’t text and drive”. The guy was texting whilst he was driving and ‘wandered’ onto the wrong side of the road. The images you see below are only a couple of a series. The rest are not suitable for public viewing as they are extremely graphic. (Just ask my Editor!)

The moral dilemma I found myself in was between respect for the family of the driver of the black Renault and getting out a message of road safety. The thought of this article saving just one life won out. I know I will offend a few people by posting this and for that, I am truly sorry…But when you weigh it all up… If next time you go to answer an email when driving (and just about all of us are guilty of it, including myself) and think of this article then it has all been worth it.

I would like to send my condolences to the family of the driver of the black car as he did not survive the impact. (If you had seen the other pictures you would agree with me on this).

This is not ‘sensationalist’ media as I do not believe there is anything ‘sensational’ about motor vehicle accidents. I’m just trying to make a point. As I have written in one of my previous articles,”The world can wait”. If you are driving, or doing any activity where you need to concentrate, just let the emails or text messages wait. If you really, really need to find out what someone is sending you, then pull over in a safe spot and email or text your heart out.

At BerryReview, our readers mean everything to us, so again I apologize if I have offended anyone, but we want you all to be around for a very long time yet…

Thanks for your time…Greg Myers


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  1. Hello, nice web site, great content, congrats…

    Well, just to avoid mistakes, the car in the pics aren’t a Renault, this one is a Crossfox (a adventure model from Fox made by Volkswagen in Brazil and exported to Europe).

    Also, this accident taked place in Brazil I can recognize the car label identification and police officer uniform that is from São Paulo city… probably it was in a highway …

    Sure that texting and driving doesn’t combine…

    regards form Brazil

  2. Ron,

    Respect the fact that you had the courage to stir up a topic that is mostly avoided in lot of other blogs. I don’t think any one should feel offended – its a noble attempt.

    Public appeal to all: Please don’t write & drive. Information can wait, life cannot. Just thinking of the family,.. the children waiting at dinner..


  3. I think you’ve done a good thing here.

    It amazes me that some people don’t already understand that texting and driving is dangerous. Looking away from the road for even a few seconds can turn into an accident.

    The world CAN, indeed, wait.

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