Critical BlackBerry Outage!!! The RIM FUBAR Story

NuclearMany of us thought life was going well today when we were not receiving emails all afternoon. Some even thought they may have a chance to get out of the office early. It turns out that RIM had a critical BlackBerry outage all afternoon. Once again all of RIM’s big clients got the below email telling them about the outage. All the rest of us got the shaft and nothing else. Would it really kill RIM to send out an ALL CLEAR email when an outage is over? Maybe even a way to send an SOS message or let users know on their handhelds that RIM is having an issue?

Well the outage is over according to all reports. Emails sent during the outage are finally starting to trickle in. No official word from RIM about the outage has been released so it could still continue. I wonder what it was this time. Below you can see the email RIM sent out to the “privileged” customers. 

Blackberry Outage
A component of the network infrastructure is experiencing a service interruption.
Service Affected: BlackBerry All service for some *The Americas Network (MULT) subscribers in the following locations: The Americas,
Summary: BlackBerry Network Infrastructure
Impact: BlackBerry subscribers may be unable to send or receive messages. Subscribers may also be unable to register their device, roam in another location, or use other services such as Internet browsing.
BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers may be unable to use the BlackBerry Internet Service web site or perform activities such as creating new accounts, accessing their Internet mailbox, integrating third-party email accounts, or viewing email attachments.
Devices may not receive new service books. BlackBerry Connect and BlackBerry-enabled devices that require a new PIN may be unable to receive the PIN.
BlackBerry Enterprise Servers may be unable to connect to the BlackBerry Infrastructure.
Wireless service providers and device resellers may be unable to use BlackBerry administration web sites or perform activities such as creating subscriber accounts or provisioning services for subscribers. [0491]
Ticket Number: BB90352
Incident Window Start Date and Time: 11 February 2008 15:20:00 (EST)
 Downtime Duration: Ongoing
 % of Subscribers Affected: 50.00 (estimated)

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