S4BB Releases DoneIn2Minutes – 2 Minute GTD Timer

Di2m1S4BB has really been on a roll when it comes to releasing BlackBerry task software. My only issue is that their software descriptions leave alot to be desired. From what I understand the most recent application called DoneIn2Minutes lets you track how long a task took you to complete.

DoneIn2Minutes capitalizes on the GTD (Getting Things Done) framework. Since I am not an expert with GTD so I cant comment to much on that. From what I do know GTD guidelines tell you to give a task a 2 minute immediate time frame before pushing it off until later. DoneIn2Minutes lets you do that with a timer. The software is compatible with their new TaskMaster application and their more expensive NextAction application. Personally the $14.95 dollar price tag seems a bit high for a glorified 2 minute timer. I guess the 20% BerryReview Store discount may help but still…

From the Product description:

DoneIn2Minutes is supposed to work with S4BB Limited’s productivity applications like TaskMaster and NextAction!. However, it will work with any other task application as well. As the name already tells us: DoneIn2Minutes will help you to track your task processing so you can find out how long you need for actually processing a task. The usual task processing workflow is: Checking the task list, start processing a task and marking the task as done after it has been processed completely. So now the productivity interested user can start DoneIn2Minutes before start processing a task to figure out how long it takes to process this specific task.

The two minute time frame is a specific GTD related duration for processing a task immediately before deferring it. So all tasks that take up to 2 minutes to process should be processed directly at the moment they come up. This decreases bureaucracy in adding a task to your task processing system. With the experience a user can gather from using DoneIn2Minutes this bureaucracy can be reduced to a minimun and increase productivity!

As every task that takes longer than 2 minutes should be deferred, every task that takes less or about 2 minutes should be done right at the moment. You can now use your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld to figure out which kind of task takes less than 2 minutes and can be done right now.
This will help you to implement GTD (getting things done) with your blackberry wireless handheld.


  • Check your Processing
  • Helps you implement GTD on your BlackBerry
  • Fast Processing
  • Easy to use:
    1. Start: Automatically at program startup
    2. Restart: Hit the space bar, enter or press the restart button
    3. Stop: Exit the program with the escape key

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