Google Maps Updated To Version 2.0.2

Googlemapsversion201Paul sent in a tip earlier that Google Maps has been updated from version 2.0.1 to version 2.0.2. As you may remember version 2 of Google Maps brought us location tracking VIA cellphone towers. This new version 2.0.2 has no changelog (come on Google!) and when I installed it I really could not tell any difference between the two. I really find it annoying that Google created a mobile focused blog but does not announce anything there until days after the fact.

That leads me to conclude that if you are like me and have to have the absolute latest version of everything head on over to to download the latest version. Let me know if you see anything new that was not there before.

Warning: Please install version 2.0.2 at your own risk. I had no problems with the install but I have been seeing some posts on the Google Maps Group about issues with the 8310 & 8820. Check them out here and here.

On a side note while I was poking around Google Maps I did notice an interesting note on the About/Help page. It mentioned that Google Maps is utilizing a piece of software by Andrew Girow called TinyLine ( I just thought some of you budding developers would be interesting in that fact. The TinyLine tools sound pretty interesting.

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