Planon Printstick PS910 – Printer For Your BlackBerry

PrintstikI just got a chance to read through some of my email during CES and came across this announcement. This is not the usual print to a fax machine that we usually see for BlackBerry devices. The Printstik PS910 uses Bluetooth to print to a handheld printer. The printer has a cartridge that will print 20 pages per cartridge which is pretty limited. It also costs a hefty $299.99 for the pleasure of portable printing.

It seems like anybody but the most dire roadwarrior be better off finding a Kinkos . You can buy cartridges for the Printstik come in 3 packs for $12 which comes out to about $0.20 per page once you paid for the printer which is not all that bad. Luckily the printer also works with Windows so it can double as a portable printer for your laptop.

From their website:

Whether it is from your laptop, smart phone or PDA, print what you need, when you need it, with the convenience that you have always wanted. Don’t be confined to just printed text, as graphics can be printed clearly without smudging. How many times have you been away from your home or office and found that you needed a document right away? Maybe it’s your travel documents or changed flight information. Avoid airport line-ups by printing your boarding pass as opposed to standing in line. You can even print web pages when browsing the internet for such items as bank transactions, show tickets and brochures. Many times it is that important email from a customer or manager. Often we leave the home or office and forget to bring vital documents, simply have them emailed to your portable device and print them on-the-spot with your PRINTSTIK. Reading the small print on email devices such as your Blackberry can often be difficult, simply print them on your PRINTSTIK to make them legible. The possibilities are endless!

– Bluetooth® connectivity, print from your laptop, smart phone or PDA
– Prints characters and graphics clearly (no smudging) – and no leaking ink
– Printing speed up to three pages per minute
– Pocket size – including a cartridge roll of 20 pages and battery
– Minimal moving parts for printing, designed ruggedly for portable reliability
– Little or no maintenance necessary, regardless of usage cycle
– Flexibility to adapt to common platforms
– Consumables are minimal, cost efficient

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