RIM Mobile Website Gets Another Overhaul…

…and now it looks worse than it did before! Seriously will RIM ever learn? In June we mentioned how RIM had redesigned its mobile.blackberry.com site from the cool flashy homepage to a new static one. They also removed many of the free games they had previously offered and now only rotated them.

I will preface the rest of this post by saying that I am being extremely nitpicky and critical. The reason I feel this way is because RIM finally spends time to update their mobile site and all they manage to do is give it a minimal facelift! Come on! They still don’t even have one theme for OS 4.2 devices even though this OS runs their flagship consumer devices. They also seem to think that Browser shortcuts on your homescreen is “What’s Hot.” Do the developers of the mobile website even use a BlackBerry???

Now RIM has gone out and updated the site again with some minor aesthetic changes that add very little and take away functionality. Below you will see a before and after shot:


As you can see on the before shot there used to be an arrow by each link telling you if it was an external or internal link. Also the text much more legible than a grey on grey title bar. The funny part is that RIM did not even get its esthetics right. The top two title bars look different than all the others as you can see below.


I really wish RIM would get its act together and overhaul their mobile website with some actual useful information. They don’t even bother checking to see that many of their links in their “Cool stuff for BlackBerry” section don’t even work! This is just plain sloppy work.


RIM has also been promising us a mobile version of its owners lounge for a few months already. They still have not delivered but I would not expect much from them. I just cant believe that a company that is so meticulous in product and software design is so clueless about web design.


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