“I Have A Dream” About Push Technology?

I have a dream that one day I will get the Wall Street Journal pushed to my Super-BlackBerry every morning….

MarioIt seems like the question I asked Neil, developer of BBSmart Email Viewer, has really stirred up some feelings. Based on the amount of emails he has received on the subject he has decided to post his justification about why Push is not the way of the future. This is really depressing for me after all these years of justifying why Push Technology made BlackBerrys better

I think I have to actually concede a point to him. Push is not an ideal technology of the future but rather a side effect. The reason Push is so valuable now is because of slow bandwidth and mediocre battery life. On the other hand if battery technology improved and with 3G out the door I really can’t see a future reason for having push technology. From what I am understanding from Neil. Push requires much more resources because everything is done on the server. This would make push always a more costly solution compared to pull technology.

So I know many of you are asking the question: Why are all the other handset makers trying to copy Push technology if it is so bad? The thing is that I see two reasons why push is better than pull. First of all their is the pure joy of getting your email on your device before you even see them in outlook. Also for instant messaging the experience is seamless compared to 3rd party clients.

Its for these two reasons that I assume push will not be going away anytime soon. Developers may choose not to use it but I really hope RIM capitalizes on the technology. Come on RIM it has been 2 years and all we have to show for it is Push Weather Alerts!!!

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