Greg First Impressions On BlackBerry Curve vs. iPhone Contention

blackberry_curve_official.jpg VS iphone.jpg

I know what you are thinking…Not another iPhone / BlackBerry comparison !

There are a few things I could throw into such a comparison though.


  1. I am a huge BlackBerry fan.
  2. I am just as keen on Apple products.
  3. The iPhone hasn’t even been released here yet so there is still that ‘Wow’ factor.
  4. I managed to get hold of 2 iPhones, so I gave one to my 14 year old daughter to get her view.

This is only a preliminary assessment but i really can’t see what all the hype is about. Yes the I quite like the touch screen on the iPhone but that aside, its not much more than an iPod with a built in phone. (And to think I was looking forward to getting my hands on one of these since even before the US release date !)

So far ( 10 days in), my summary would be…If you are interested in being able to do business whilst out of the office and having just about every conceivable aftermarket application available to you, then stick with the BlackBerry. But if you are interested in having a phone built into an iPod and a flash looking status symbol then by all means, go for the iPhone.

I am going to continue to keep using these 2 phones side by side and when I think I have enough info on their relative performances (in around 2-3 weeks) then I will write up an in-depth article for you to read…Until Then…

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