FAQ: RIM Gives A Lesson On Maximizing Free Space and Battery Power

I have to say that the BlackBerry OS has less lag than the other smartphone OS’s but in some regards it is underpowered. It seems that RIM has taken this to heart and released a Knowledgebase article on how to optimize your BlackBerry so that it performs at the best of its capablity. Check out RIM’s advice on how to keep your flash memory available and how to maximize your battery life. The most interesting part of the Very long FAQ is the following table listing how much space each item on your BlackBerry takes. :

Optional application Approximate space required* Approximate number of equivalent messages*
BlackBerry Attachment Service 120 KB 120 messages
Help 65 KB per installed language 65 messages per installed language
Instant Messenger applications 350-400 KB per application 350-400 KB per application
Language Support 100-120 KB + per language 100-120 KB + per language
BlackBerry® Maps 500-1000 KB 350 messages
MemoPad 10 KB 10 messages
Password Keeper 25 KB 25 messages
Tasks 25 KB 25 messages

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