Miss Manners Advice On BlackBerry Etiquette

blackberry8800smartphone.jpgAnne Fisher, a senior writer at Fortune, answers an interesting question posed to her about friends CrackBerry addictions. The reader asks when is the point that using your BlackBerry becomes rude and when should you say something about it.

It is interesting to note that Miss Manners herself is sympathetic to the cause of these addicted overworked BlackBerry users.

“Of course it’s very rude to be doing business during a social outing,” Martin says. “But you should have nothing but sympathy for people who have no time off. It’s very sad to have no time off.”

I guess this goes to the point of bringing your work around with you on your BlackBerry. At what point do you have a redefine your work life balance in this new always connected age. Anne says you can ask your friend to turn off their berry for 20 minutes but even she admits that the request will usually fall on deaf ears. Have you ever turned off your BlackBerry at a friends request? Read the full article on CNN Money.

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