FAQ: Install JAR / JAD Files From Your SD Card Or Internal Memory

I just discovered and tried something new on my BlackBerry and I thought I would share it with you all. If you transfer a JAR (JAVA) file to the media card or memory of your device using either mass storage mode or desktop manager you will be able to install the file from your BlackBerry. This is very useful for people who do not have data plans or have a MAC and want to install JAR and Java games. It is now very easy to try out the many free games at GetJar.com by just copying them to your memory card. Just follow the instructions below once you have moved the JAR file to your BlackBerry. I have tried this with COD files without much success but maybe… Keep in mind that you only need the JAR files. The JAD files are of no use to you.

Open the media manager and click the menu button:


Then select explore and find the JAR file on your BlackBerry

installcod2.jpg installcod3.jpg

You then click on the JAR file and you will be shown the installation prompt just like you would if you installed the application OTA


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  1. No go – did this and put a theme I wanted which is a .jad into a folder, explored to it, then it clicked it. Download window came up, tried to install and get a 907 Invalid COD. 🙁

  2. it works…these idiots cant follow directions

  3. I have look all over the internet for how to do this. Thank you for posting this.

  4. This will definitely work because JAR files are the actual program, where as the JAD files just have the install time settings and point to the JAR file. If you would open a JAD file it can be read in any text editer you will get a better idea.

  5. I too found this out. However, I did this on my own. The directions are correct and work wonderfully b/c this is how I installed a game since my port no longer works. I just bought a card and upload to it. Thanks!!

  6. Thank you!!! very easy, stupid proof

  7. This method does not work…..it tells me download failed each time……

  8. Installed just fine on my 8330 using this method. controls are weird though.

  9. Yeah Baby!!!
    I’ve been looking for this FOREVER!!!


    Edit: ohhhh, noooooo:

    “907 Invalid JAR Error”.

    Damn it. almost…..

  10. Thanks a lot! That really helped. Especially if you just got your BB and you don’t have memory card.

  11. This makes sense and I can find the .jar file on my 8100 (os v4.2) but it just tells me it can’t open it. It doesn’t seem to understand it’s an executable

  12. I am having the same problem, keeps telling me cant open the file, need help, going back to iraq in a couple of days

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