Interesting Survey Puts BlackBerry Below iPhone in Customer Satisfaction

iphonesatisfaction1.jpgIn a new survey of 72 iPhone early adopters by the ChangeWave Alliance has yielded some very interesting results. As you can see in the image to the left the percentage of highly satisfied users for the iPhone came in at 77% with the RIM coming in 2nd place at 50%. Even ChangeWave puts a disclaimer that these numbers are slightly biased since these early adopters have shown a preference to the iPhone brand. What I found to be even more interesting are the graphed results they show later of what features users found most satisfying and least satisfying. They seem to rag on the iPhone because of the slow EDGE network, lack of cut and paste features (duh!), and lack of 3rd party software. RIM should take some ideas out of the iPhone when it comes to what highly user like about the iPhone. The top of the list is integration between the phone, browser, and media player. RIM has the phone-browser integration down pat but the media player seems like an afterthought. Check out the full article here on Yahoo.

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