Track Your GPS BlackBerry With BBTrack

blackberrytracker.pngI used to laugh when I heard the saying “Just because you are not paranoid does not mean everybody is not out to get you” but the new BlackBerry tracking service by BBTrack has put new meaning into the saying. BBtrack allows you to view on a map where your BlackBerry is currently. So far it works with BlackBerry’s that have GPS built in such as the 8800 and 8830. You must install a small application that polls the server every once in awhile to report your BlackBerry’s location. As of the last time I checked it has 67 users to date and registration is FREE for now. The solution is pretty simplistic but could be very useful if your BlackBerry has been misplaced or stolen.

I must warn you that this information is being stored by BBtrack and they can view it so I would not install this software if you are worried about your privacy or big brother watching you. Personally if you feel that way you should not have a Cellphone at all since they can triangulate your location from the cell signal =) The author has insinuated that they will release the software to run in-house to remove some of the security concerns. BBtrack has now added some nice features such as Tracking History, User Info, User Search, Location sharing (with permissions), and Private Messages. This application shows some promise and may be useful for Bosses that want to keep track of their employees or finding lost devices.

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