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Why are Blackberry Apps so expensive compared to e.g iTunes Appstore :(

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    Anyone got any ideas? I know this isn't necessarily the most productive app ever and not something that would sway me on choice of phone however I have enjoyed it on my iPod – I notice the highly addictive Doodlejump has now made it to Blackberry if you're willing to shell out the 4.99!!!!!!!! How the hell do they come up with that price??? It's 0.59 for the iPod? Someone needs to get a grip and sort some of these pricing strategies out.

    I love that Blackberry now has an appstore which is taking shape nicely but I must say that there is a grose difference in price and think it needs looking at.

    Who's with me?


    Ronen Halevy
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    Sadly the truth is that they are more expensive since there is a higher barrier to entry from what I can tell. There are not that many alternatives so there is no competition. What exactly were you looking for?


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    Not sure I'm looking for anything particular now as I've purchased a few apps now. I just wondered whether there was any complication in the app creation process which made it more expensive on the Blackberry. You make a good point around not enough competition. With any luck, as the store expands, the average price will come down.

    Would be interesting to know if itunes app store's average price has decreased over time.

    Do you know whether it is any more complicated to create an app for BB compared to ipod/phone or is it just a case of one is more lucrative?


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    Ah yes and I must concede that there are some awesome free apps on the Blackberry. Some of my favourite apps were free e.g. Poynt, Viigo, Yatca, Socialscope etc :)


    Luis Merlos
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    Yeah there are quite a few free apps for BlackBerry and some that are more expensive but developing for BB is a little bit harder and also most of the apps for BlackBerry are useful so that could be one of the differences. Just depend on what you are looking for check out our software directory it has a list of free and paid apps by category.


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    The pure volume of crapware that's out there for iPhone has driven down the pricing. Choice drives competition which drives down prices, simple economics of supply and demand.

    RIM has NOT made it historically easy to develop apps for their platform. It is FAR simpler to create an iPhone app than a BlackBerry app, and due to the large variety of BlackBerry physical factors (many screen resolutions, many different input methods, keyboard versus touch screen, etc.) the development process is further complicated.

    Another thing to remember is RIM has set the minimum price for an app in App World at essentially triple the minimum price Apple has set for App Store. Other than for "free" apps.

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    I guess blackberry apps are expensive since there are not more developer for the device's applications.

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