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What is "good" battery life to you

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    BBA Brian
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    I have been debating whether or not my Z10 is getting "good" battery life or not. When I say "good" I mean taking into account what the competition and modern superphones are able to do in the market today. I am not comparing to the old 9700 days. I have never used an iPhone or an Android for any length of time to judge how those devices batteries would hold up with my usage level.

    I am finding that my Z10 is able to get around 12-14 hours before needing to be charged. I receive, view and answer between 50-75 emails, 30-40 BBM messages and a few texts in that time. Also several phone calls that last about 5-7 minutes each. I play around with the browser for about 30-60 minutes of the 12-14 hour time frame. I am also flicking around and playing with the OS here and there.

    I have the LTE turned off and am on HSPA+. I have screen brightness down to about 40%. Screen time out is at 10 seconds.

    So… based on my above usage. Is 12-14 hours "good"?

    I really have no idea


    PB Forever
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    Hey Brian, that's what I got on my Bold 9900. My Z10 gets about 10-12 hours only because I don't do what you do.

    I leave it on LTE, screen brightness at 50%. I get about the same email messages you do and respond to 90%of them via the phone if I'm out and about (which I have been lately). Phone calls are from 5-20 minutes, average 6 a day. Linked to my FB and Linkedin accounts. Not on the browser that often, but am reading a magazine on my phone right now, so have that open to whatever page I'm on at the current moment. I hop onto FB a few times during a day to respond to a message.

    Sooo… 12-14 hours is darn good.


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    It's OK by today's standards then if you need to do the same tricks on the other phones. I heard it was much worse than other phones though.

    But to me, it's still not good enough. I mean, by close of play you're out of battery and unreachable unless you have a spare one or were able to dock your phone for 30 minutes during the day.

    Let's say you have a spare one, but end up sleeping outside of your home and you'll have a flat battery in the morning, when you may need Google Maps ;).

    BlackBerrys used to last at least 24h and I miss that.


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    My brightness is set to 10% and screen timeout to 20 seconds (to squeeze more juice), I get about 10 hours on the Z10. I consider than below par for me. Since I am mobile most of the time, I can't rely on being in the car enough to give it a full charge, so I must constantly be thinking about keeping it charged fully.

    I'm up at 6 am and need to be going till 9 or 10 pm. My phone does everything (email, calendar, facebook, twitter, maps & GPS) so I must have it working at all times. 18 hours would be good for me. I understand the Q10 has a 2100 mAh battery and the Aristo apparently will have a 2800 mAh non-removable battery. Are there really any benefits to a non-removable battery? Well, it is almost 1/3 longer than the Z10's battery. All I can think of is better water resistance.

    I don't think the Z10 is worse than other phones, but BlackBerry users demand more, and they're used to their phones going for over 24 hours.

    I purchased a second battery.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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