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vnbbUtils v2.0.3.4 – Useful Desktop software for Advanced Blackberry Users

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    vnbbUtils is an application based on JavaLoader with friendly GUI and many improvement (such as OTA downloader, IP Modem, Quick Install, remove IT Policy, Create JAD ).

    From version, vnbbUtils is added multi-language support.



    * IP Modem: only for people who still prefer to use BDM 5.0.0 or lower (BDM 5.0.1 and later have already had IP Modem)

    * Quick Install: After vnbbUtils v2.x installed, you can install the JAD or CODs files directly from Windows Explorer. Just right click on the JAD or COD files (you can select multiple COD files at once), youll see an item Install (vnbbUtils) in the system menu. Just click on that item, the selected files will be installed immediately into your BB (of course, BB must be connected to the computer first)

    * Get information of the BB that connected to your computer (automatically detecting BB is connected/disconnected to/from the computer). Providing this information for OTA Downloader and EScreen Activation code generator. Especially, it help OTA Downloader simulate the environment of your BB to download the suitable version of software with your BB (same as you download by BBs Browser).

    * USB Driver: Install USB Driver for Blackberry. If you have not install BDM yet, Computer can not recognize your BB as an USB Drive. Only click on USB Driver button, that problem have been resolved, BDM free . This driver is only for USB Drive, not for BB device manager, so if you want using full functions of vnbbUtils, install BDM is required.

    * Set Time: Synchronize system time of your BB with computer

    * Reset Blackberry: Reset your Blackberry same as Battery Pull quickly.

    * Factory Reset: remove IT policy.

    * Wipe Device at low-level, this function allow you clear OS before you want to upgrade OS

    * Load OS: this function allow you select exactly which version of OS you want to install into BB, dont need to uninstall other version, and automatically delete file vendor.xml then run Loader.exe to make sure you can Load OS from any vendor successfully.

    * Read EventLog: read all information in the Event Log, allow you to save as text file on computer

    * Clear EventLog: Delete Event log to release memory space.

    * Clean RAM & Flash Garbage: same as MemoryUp, Memory Booster, but with this function of vnbbUtils, it cleans even more Flash memory

    * Backup / Restore applications, allows easy backup entire 3rd party applications from BB to computer (before Reinstall OS) and restore/reinstall all of them into BB (after Load OS) quickly.

    * Install JAD: lets you install software on computer to BB from the JAD file easily and quickly. Helping people who using old BB model (do not have memory card) can install software normally without opening BDM.

    * Install Cod(s): lets you install software from Cod files to BB directly. But I prefer to using Install from JAD

    * Read system modules: list all installed modules in the BB, including 3rd party Applications and Core OS & Add-on. Allow you to:

    o Save modules. Necessary in case of backup applications or store applications that installed on your BB into computer.

    o Delete unnecessary modules, optimizing memory of your BB or fixed some error that applications conflicted.

    * Screen Capture: capture the current screen of your Blackberry and allows to save images in various formats (PNG, JPG, BMP or Copy to Clipboard). Automatic add watermark for that images, you can customize watermark by yourself (Text, Size, Color, Position). You also make a video stream by recording function.

    * Download software for BB from OTA link to your computer. This feature has been improved superior to other OTA Download utilities, allows you to download from the site that check terminal connect to as Google, Opera Mini, mopipocket Support download over Proxy, download from indirect link (as OTA Link provide by Mobihand). Downloaded Softwares are stored in folder .OTAApp_Name. Download OTA really like you do on the BB Browser, lets you download the software for your BB easily.

    * Create ALX file to installed by BDM. Created from JAD file or Cod files that available.

    * Create JAD file to install from SDCard. JAD is created from ALX or Cod files.

    * Convert JAR to COD(s): this feature allow you to convert JAR file to COD & ALX.

    * Generate code for the Activation of Engineering Screen

    More info:

    Recommend: using this app with BDM 5.0 or newer.

    Change log


    – a little bug fixed.


    – Support multi-language

    – Fixed error that can not connect to BB with password enable.

    – Allow change device when download OTA link.


    Ronen Halevy
    Posts: 2,906

    Very nice update. I will check it out


    Posts: 103

    Sounds almost like it’s more full featured than BBSAK?

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    Verizon Droid Bionic play


    Luis Merlos
    Posts: 431

    Impressive update


    Posts: 152

    Very nice one :)

    Email: [email protected] |


    Terrence T
    Posts: 732

    it is i think.. but i can never seem to get the JAD maker to work for my torch


    Posts: 11

    I’ve just update v2.0.3.1 that fixed a bug on some computer, the menu appear in reverse position :)

    @Terrence T: Did you try my app? Note that, some big COD files are a package (include some small Cod files). It should be extracted before creating a JAD. Fortunately, vnbbUtils will do that automatically for you.


    Terrence T
    Posts: 732

    yea.. im refering to yours.. both big and small ones have the prob..


    Terrence T
    Posts: 732

    btw, why cant i access this thread via mobile?




    Ronen Halevy
    Posts: 2,906

    The HTML Special Characters in the title managed to make it into the link. Browser handles them fine but for some reason the BB browser chokes on them…

    I manually edited the link to:


    Terrence T
    Posts: 732

    Working now :)


    Posts: 46

    I sometimes get that Error problem, too, on this site. I close the browser and retry. Usually does the trick. Glad to see it’s not just my Berry.


    Posts: 11

    @Terrence: the link of this thread is working or JAD maker is working? :)


    Terrence T
    Posts: 732

    The link.. hehe.

    Somehow the jads created works on my 8900 but not 9800. it tells me 908 COD invalid. any idea?


    Posts: 10

    looks good. Thanks.

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