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RIM Releases Official BIS 2.8 Documentation With Features – Same Story…

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    Ronen Halevy
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    school_apples This is just further proof that at RIM the right hand rarely speaks to the left hand. This past Friday we posted the details on the upcoming BIS 2.8 features and within hours had an abuse email from RIM’s brilliant commercial legal counsel, Jordan Vaeth, claiming that the disclosure of such information was causing irreparable harm to RIM. RIM has now reversed course and less than 24 hours later they released the documentation themselves (causing incalculable harm) with all the features on their own website with no fanfare.

    So now that we are allowed to talk about it again. The features are:

    • Google Contact Synchronization: If subscribers integrate a Google Mail™ account with their BlackBerry® Internet Service account, they can synchronize contacts between the account and the contacts application on their BlackBerry device. Subscribers can add, change, and delete Google Mail contacts from their device or from their Google Mail account and the BlackBerry Internet Service synchronizes the changes.
    • Enhancements to email setup and settings: Automatic Login now supports most billing identifiers, which allows new subscribers with wireless service providers that use PIN, IMEI, or ESN as a billing identifier to create BlackBerry Internet Service accounts from the BlackBerry smartphone, without having to create a login user name and password

    • Note: This feature will be available approximately one week after the BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade.

  • Windows Live™ Hotmail® revalidation: With BlackBerry Internet Service 2.8, new Windows Live Hotmail mail integrations will be defaulted to a protocol that is designed so as not to require 90 day reauthorization.
    • Note: Existing BlackBerry smartphone users accessing Windows Live Hotmail using Microsoft® MSP will still be required to revalidate their Windows Live Hotmail account every 90 days.

    via RIM & RIM. Thanks Josep for spotting it!

    RIM Releases Official BIS 2.8 Documentation With Features – Same Story…


Ronen Halevy
Posts: 2,906

They Google Contact Sync is great!! Now that Google Voice allows free Canadian calling again, I can us the GV app, and the frustration there is having two separate contact lists: on my BB and with GMail/GV. Now I will be able to sync and make them one. Great!!


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What I like is no more 90 day reauthorization on hotmail. About time RIM.

Wouldn't it be nice if when ever we messed up our live we could simply press ' Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over??


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Im sure for 99% that BIS 2.8 already works on Orange PL, why? Today i add my hotmail account and there wasn’t any info bout reautherization after 90 days (before was that info).

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