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    If anyone is looking for a good tasks/grocery list app, this is one we’ve been using for a while now and I think it’s the best one out there for its simplicity and straightforwardness.

    The interface is very user friendly. The program allows you to have multiple shopping lists. To add something to a list you simply click on “Add an Item” and you can choose from a list of preset items or type your own. There are options to change the quantity and category (Dairy, Frozen, etc.) as well.

    After you’ve picked up the item at the store, just click the item on Our Groceries and it crosses it off your list.

    That’s the basic shopping list function, but the key part that separates this program from the other To-Do lists is the sharing capability. This is a great feature for families of smartphone users. The program allows you to share shopping lists with those in your family by setting up an account at their website.

    On each phone (another great aspect is that it’s cross platform; you can have a Blackberry sharing a list with an iPhone), you enter the email you used to set up the account and with a simple authorization procedure you’re done. I should also add that when you log in to your list on their website, you can also organize your lists. Similar to the phone interface you can add items, cross off items, create new lists. So it’s a good way of building a large list without having to do it on your phone.

    If you cross off an item on your phone, it’ll show up as crossed off on all the phones sharing that list. Add an item on your phone and it’ll automatically update on all the other phones that are linked to that account.

    It’s simple, it works, the sharing feature makes it great for families who may run errands separately or split up during shopping trips.

    Check it out at

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    Looks kind of cool I will check it out!


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    Definitely some good features there and slick interface as well. I’ve been using Lister and MyCart but IIRC, neither are cross-platform or sync with multiple family members. Thanks for the review.


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    I’m a fan of maratick but the cross platform is intriguing. very smooth interface

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