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Not receiving emails in Enhanced Gmail Plug-In

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    Good morning,

    The Enhanced Gmail Plug-In is not working properly on my Bold 9700. BB updated a whole bunch of software on when I plugged it into my computer on Sunday morning and since then the plug-in hasn't shown any emails; the app icon on the home screen will show a * indicating a new message is present, but when I enter the app it tells me "No messages." I've tried deleting my email account from the phone and reconfiguring it with no success, so I now have to read my emails through the main Messages screen where they're mixed in with texts and Google Talk/BBM conversations, which is rather annoying.

    I've also attempted to re-install the plug-in on the BB by going to and received error message "907 Invalid COD" when I attempted to download the plug-in. (I can't try downloading/installing through a computer until I get home after work since this is my personal device.) The version of the plugin available is; for what it's worth, the OS I have on my 9700 is v5.0.0.405.

    I stopped by my local AT&T Store last night and they said that another customer had been in complaining of being unable to *send* email through the plug-in, although they were able to receive messages. The opinion of the store manager was that this issue was related to the outages RIM suffered last week.

    I'd appreciate any guidance from others on what might have caused this and how I can get the plug-in working correctly.

    Thank you,


    Issaquah, WA


    Luis Merlos
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    I did the upgrade the other day on the 9700 and it seems to be working for me just fine.


    Ronen Halevy
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    Yeah I just tested it myself on my 9700 on AT&T and its working. What OS are you using?


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    907 Invalid COD can be assoicated to timeouts. However this is not the sole cause. RIM have published the following:



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    Sorry for the delay, things got busy over the last couple days.

    Per the About screen, the OS is v5.0.0.405. I connected it to my computer a couple days ago and intentionally tried to upgrade the OS, but the Desktop Manager said that no updates were needed at the time.

    I'm still stumped by this. Intermittently the desktop icon will show an asterisk to indicate a new email is present, but still nothing shows up in the plug-in; most of the time, though, the plug-in just sits there dormant, not acknowledging any new emails received. Further, I was unable to reinstall it through the Desktop Manager; there was no entry for it on the applications list. I've tried multiple times to download the plug-in via the BB browser and the link I originally posted and continue to get the "907 Invalid COD" error, even after following the directions at the "these instructions" link shown on the initial page I get directed to. Frankly, I have no idea what any of the various problems mean in the RIM link JohnnyB posted.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks and happy new year,



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    A bit of additional info: I can send email and run searches for archived remote conversations, so the plug-in is definitely connected to my Gmail account; it just doesn't show incoming messages.



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    I've stumbled upon part of the problem: The plug-in's default filter is set to All Mail, and new messages are not flagged. However, changing the Filter to Inbox brings up all the new mail that the phone has received.

    The remaining issue here: I have to manually select the filter every time I open the plug-in, which is just as annoying as what I was going through before. Is there a way to set the Inbox filter to be the default? Nothing under the plug-in's Options menu jumps out at me as an obvious solution.



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    My problem is a bit different. I have just upgraded the OS on my Bold 9000 to v5.0.0.509 and now whenever I add my GMail account to my Bold, in addition to my BES work account, the system doesn't recognize that this is a GMail account and enable the plug-in. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the plug-in, as well as deleting and adding back my GMail account, but I always just get a regular Inbox for my GMail account, with none of the features of the plug-in present, like Add Star or Archive.

    Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


    UPDATE: Scratch that.. I just realized I'd inadvertantly removed the GMail Plug-in COD files from the OS when I used Shrink-A-OS before OS install.. Went back in a restored them and now everything is as it should be. Sorry!

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