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Is QNX a threat to Apple?

Home Forums General BlackBerry Discussion Is QNX a threat to Apple?

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    Well, now we know how Apple plans to respond to the QNX threat! BBAddict and I were discussing this recently. QNX has really highlighted major deficiencies in iOS. Even if Apple merges OS-X and iOS, they won’t have what RIM has today in QNX!

    Zach Epstein at BGR claims the PlayBook to be his favourite tablet! Normally, I don’t see eye-to-eye with BGR, but they have been quite favourable regarding the new BlackBerry smartphones.


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    I don’t really think that merging OSX and iOS is in response to QNX. I think it is actually a natural progression. It makes more sense to only have one OS for all the devices. However, there are enough difference between desktops and phones/tablets that it might not be so easy to pull off. However, if they need to cut corners, I’m sure they’ll find a way to explain it away as a feature to the Apple masses.


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    I think it is in response not only to RIM and QNX, but also to HP and webOS. What they are trying to do is build an ecosystem of products. That way if you buy a product running a specific OS and like chances are you will go out and buy other products running the same OS or have great compatibility. Makes sense in my mind for Apple to do that. We’ll see if Google tries the same thing.


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    Merging ios with lion won’t even scrape qnx lol only reason I say that is because rim has unlimited possibility with qnx they have the power in there hands to make there own os for computers now if it ever get to that point to me apple don’t have no great comeback for qnx the playbook is here running qnx the power can’t be matched yet all there looking forward to now is the qnx superphones with integration to the playbook and then there will be a fight even though we qnx will win


    BBA Brian
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    yes qnx is a threat to apple.

    i have said before that with respect to smartphones, hardware is leapfroging software.

    meaning that as of the 2012 or 2013 generation of phones, we will be able to fit hardware that is years away from the requirements of software.

    look at computers. for basic web browsing, word processing and video/music the hardware required to run it all existed 10 years ago. meaning i could go bust out a 10 year old pc, probably with 1 core, with win xp, and i would be able to do the basic tasks as well as a brand new 2000 pc now. 90% of people only use their computers for these tasks.

    its the same with smartphones. 90% of users use their phone to browse web, email, chat, a few apps, listen to music and maybe watch a video. the hardware required to do that is already out now.

    it will be the more complicated multitasking that will require the more robust hardware. guess whose os is best capable? booya rims qnx. qnx as it is today is good for at least 10 years if not 15.

    can ios say that….. nope. ios will be capped in about 2-3 years. capped in the amount of cores it can run and capped in how well it can multitask.

    apple better be working on their next os now or they will be in trouble.

    with the pedigree and history blackberry has, i believe 100% that when they are leaders in hardware and software, everyone will come back. there is already a ground swell growing for the playbook that is creating the foundation for a successfull qnx phone launch.

    2012 2013 will be the year of rims comeback.

    os7 is just the trailers before the main event!


    PB Forever
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    I think merging the ios with the osx would be a natural evolution, but will it be successful and powerful like QNX I don’t think so. If it was that easy to do don’t you think MS would’ve done it by now? They’ve been attempting it for years. Granted I have no experience with the mac os or even the ios and it may not be as unwieldy as MS but I don’t think so.

    Is this a threat to QNX? I don’t think so. I see QNX as a threat to them instead.


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    +1 on PB Forever’s point. I was going to say that MS has been trying that for a while. I remember about 5 (or so) years ago one of my Medical Doctor friends was using a Tablet PC for his patients so he could directly digitize all his records. It was just plain cumbersome. I think it is going to take some serious creativity to merge them successfully.


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    Everybody knows the power of qnx but nobody knows what’s coming next from ios/Unix foundation next probably another POS osim taking qnx on this run around the track


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    Regardless of what comes out of Apple, QNX is a force to be reckoned with. Apple is very aware of that and realizes that they need to do something.

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