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    Vicky Pazienza
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    Taken from the post:

    Since Ronen gets several requests from readers on how to download free themes to their Blackberry devices, he thought it might be a good time to put together a ‘tutorial’ of sorts. This is where I come in. So, if you’re a newbie or just plain new to downloading themes, here’s some basic instructions for you.

    How To Install Themes on your Blackberry – There are two ways!

    Using your PC and Desktop Manager:

    Some themes are available in a file format that are meant to be downloaded from the internet onto your PC. Now I’ll tell you that most people find it easier, and actually prefer, to download themes in the other format (OTA, listed below) but for those that may not have data plans, then this format is better.

    First you find the theme you like, download it to your PC and unzip/extract the files if necessary (remember where you placed the files). Then, plug your Blackberry to your computer, open your Desktop Manager software and select Application Loader. Choose ‘Open’, then ‘Add’ and a dialog box should open up. Find the theme files you placed on your computer. Add the “alx” file associated with the theme, select it, and click OK. Follow the prompts to complete the download. Once completed, follow steps to ‘Selecting A New Theme on your Blackberry’ below.

    Using Over The Air (OTA):

    Many themes are available to download OTA (Over the Air) which for those who have an unlimited data plan, this is the most convenient option because it’s fast, easy and you can do so from anywhere you are, providing you have internet access on your Blackberry. To download a theme to your BlackBerry OTA, simply open the Browser application on your BlackBerry and enter the URL (ie, web address) given by the theme provider. Once accessed, a screen will open where it lists the theme data and the option to ‘download’ to your Blackberry. Select ‘download’. Once theme download is complete, you can then go to ‘Selecting a New Theme on your Blackberry’ below.

    Selecting a New Theme On Your BlackBerry:

    Now that the new theme is installed on your BlackBerry, just go to ‘Options’ then ‘Themes’. Scroll through your list of themes until you find the new one you just downloaded. Select the theme and click the trackball to activate. It takes a few seconds for the theme to activate but soon you’ll be sporting a brand new look!


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    Thanks again Vicky! I know that this will help out a lot of people who are looking to find a way to get the theme they want but dont know how to do it yet. Nice tutorial!!

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