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Guide on How to enable UMA For T-mobile on the Torch 9800

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    Luis Merlos
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    WARNING This is only for experience users if you don't know what you are doing you can seriously mess up your device. If you do go through with this only do what is instructed here and don't mess around with other options.

    Disclaimer: I did not come up with this process but just writing step by step instructions to make it easier.

    1.) The first step will be to unlock your Engineering screen. To do that go to this LINK ALT+CAP+H pulls up the help screen

    Use the instruction provided at the link to unlock it.

    Note: on app version you must enter the parenthesis including the full app version.

    2.) Step two requires you to enter the code provided to you at the link. You will not see anything while you type and remember to use atl+letter to enter numbers. This will give you access to hidden options don't mess with anything yet or you could mess up your device.

    One of our readers also posted an app that does the same thing download it at this LINK or read the post at this LINK

    works with 4.5+

    3.) Step requires you to download some certificates to your computer. You can sync them using DM 5.0 it won't work with 6.0 download DM 5.0 from this LINK

    When installing desktop manger make sure you use advance or custom install and select the certificate sync option.

    The certificates you need are found at this LINK on the second post by Otto.

    To install the certificates follow this instructions:

    On the computer, right-click the root certificate.

    Click Install certificate.

    Click Next.

    Click Place all certificates in the following store.

    Click Browse.

    Click Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

    Click OK.

    Click Finish.

    In the Security Warning dialog box, click Yes.

    Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer and open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    In the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double-click Certificate Synch. Note: If the certificate synchronization tool is not installed on the computer, reinstall the BlackBerry Desktop Software using the custom installation option. During the custom installation, install the certificate synchronization tool.

    On the Root Certificate tab, select the certificate to download.

    Click Synchronize to load a certificate on the BlackBerry smartphone

    4.) Step 4 and final step – Install

    1. At the EScreen select <Mobile Network Engineering Screens

    2.. Select <Utilities>

    3. Select <Session Manager>

    4. Press the BlackBerry menu button and select <UMA Options>

    5. Press the BlackBerry menu button and select <New>

    6. Enter the following: Display Name: T-Mobile Operator Name: T-Mobile UMA Protocol version: 1.0.3 (I used 1.0.4 i think)

    7. Unselect <use default UNCS> and enter use Port: 14001

    8.Unselect <use default SEGW> and enter

    9. Select the SEGW certificate named T-Mobile USA, inv. Engineering and Operations CA (OR SIMILAR BROWSE ALL TILL YOU FIND THE RIGHT ONE)

    after this is done hit backspace hit save and reboot. Turn on wi-fi and it should work.

    Also UMA will only work if you are connected to T-mobile network if you are roaming it may not work.

    also it would seem you might need to repeat this after each OS upgrade

    Original instruction were found at this LINK posted by xandermac on CB. Is not my work i just added some missing steps where I got confused and figured it would help. Good luck. AGAIN don't go messing around with options on there that you don't know as you can seriously mess up your BlackBerry.


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    do u think this will work on another carrier?


    Luis Merlos
    Posts: 431

    The instructions only work for T-mobile, I know Rogers-Canda has UMA – unless your carrier has UMA it probably won't work.


    William Archer
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    Hello, all, from a Rogers customer in Canada.

    If you crack open the engineering screens you'll find that the Certificates/keys and UNCS and SEGW fields are all filled in properly for Rogers. (UNCS) (SEGW)

    Even easier: If you hit the BlackBerry button you'll see an "Add Rogers Profile" option. Hit that, and it creates a new properly configured UMA profile for you.

    I don't know how to paste the screen shot into this reply so I'm stuck not being able to show you what I mean.



    Luis Merlos
    Posts: 431

    Thanks for the info TTune


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    Which unlocked 9800 are you using?


    Luis Merlos
    Posts: 431

    I am using the AT&T version


    William Archer
    Posts: 30

    Hi, all.

    I did some experiments on an unlocked Torch on Rogers. THere’s a separate thread started with that but, basically, it works perfectly. I’m running


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    Hi all!

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    I would like to know if there is a possibility that your procedure would work for a 9800 on Bell Canada? If not, would it be because you don’t know the correct procedure or because Bell will not allow it?

    Thank you


    Luis Merlos
    Posts: 431

    Not very familiar with Bell but i don’t think they offer that type of service.

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