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FTC Bans Robocalling Telemarketers with Annoying Exceptions!

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    I think this is a good start, furthermore IMO they this is a basic start and they left the door open to make modifications in the recent future. But hopefully in the right places.

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    Ronen Halevy
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    Huh? It has really taken the FTC ages to finally ban those annoying automated dialers that cause so much telemarketing grief during my dinners. The FTC has finally placed a ban on all robodialers with fines up to $16,000 per call. The sad part is that they made some crazy loopholes for their own use.

    Politicians, banks, charities, and telephone companies are allowed to continue robocalling. WTF!

    Companies can robocall you as long as they get written consent from you to do so. They also allow for informational recorded messages like from airlines and others like Orbitz. The call systems must provide an opt out system in the call and they must ring at least 4 times before hanging up and begin the recording within 2 seconds.

    What do you guys think?

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    FTC Bans Robocalling Telemarketers with Annoying Exceptions!


    Ronen Halevy
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    Of course politicians are allowed to auto-dial you…

    And what classifies as informational? Orbitz informational? Just sounds like advertising to me.

    The first fine they try and slap on someone, an attorney is going to eat that up saying “we were providing information in the phonecall, therefore it was informational”.

    Its pathetic that out government entities have so much free time to write laws that are pointless.


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    Ha…I hope this goes for bill collectors too, cuz I AM a collector and I hate the stupid autodial system our P.O.S. boss put in! Im the nice kind of guy who actually cares and wants to help people get out of debt…by talking with them in a nice friendly way. I cant do that if they hear one of these stupid things calling. 99% of the people are going to hang up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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