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    Contact X is very safe way to keep your contacts neat and backup. Hope it’s useful to you, BlackBerry 10 users.

    Contact X 1.0 | Get it from App World

    Main features:

    + Import Contacts from vCards (1 or many)

    + Export Contacts to 1 vCard file.

    + Merge duplicated name/number contacts.

    + Delete all contacts

    It’s only 99 cent so I guess it’s worth to have :)

    Thank you and please feedback directly to for best and rapid support.


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    Looks promising.  Does it offer the option to delete all contacts for one specific account — like “Local Contacts”?  If so, I’ll be grabbing it.

    If you can come up with an additional app that would allow deleting entire calendars by account, you’d have me sold.

    Background:  Like many other Z10 owners, BB Link copied all my contacts and calendar entries from my previous device (9900) to my Z10, placing them in the local calendar and contacts.  Once my contacts and calendar were synched, I ended up with duplicates.  The current BB10 OS does not offer a way to manage or even isolate the local versions so they can be deleted.  They can be hidden from within the Contacts app, but appear when searching or selecting contacts withing other apps/hub. BB Link doesn’t offer a way to selectively backup/restore data, so it they locals cannot be eliminated that way. The BB Support forum and Crackberry forums show that there are a lot of us this the same issue.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for building for BB10.  ~ecm


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    Contact X can delete only contacts on Sim card and Local Contact and CardDAV contacts together, not separately. Thus you could do that by unlink cardDAV accounts for contacts and unplug your Sim card then it will delete all Local Contacts :)

    For Calendar, i guess i could do that. Let see if I can manage some times to shoot it.

    Thank you.


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    OK, I think I’ll give it a try. I can unlink my CardDav and EAS contacts and see how it goes.


    If you do give the calendar a try, please be sure to return here and post a comment so I’ll be notified.



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