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Changed Bezel and think I fried my Bold 9000 internally

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    I have taken my Bold 9000 apart tons of times for trackball swaps as well as bezel changes.

    Problem this time is I ordered all white bezel and today when I changed the bezel I tested that the Bold charged in a dock before putting it all together so I wouldn't have to take it apart if the charge contacts needed adjusted.

    So I put two screws in and with no battery I set in my charger to see that the red LED came on and it did. So I put it all back together but then nothing works, no screen, no LED and the PC no longer detects it. Nothing works

    I took it apart several times and cleaned every inch thinking I have something on a connection and tried over and over with several different batteries as well as several different forms of chargers, docks and USB's to be sure it was not any of the power supplies and nothing.

    I wonder if when I tested it in the dock without being put all the way together and no back door on it yet if I could have touched the metal of the dock and fried my device internally??

    I have tried all of our forum listed ways that we would fix a fried Blackberry but this case is different as there is no power and no LED like for all posts I have read in reference to the Nuked or fried Blackberry


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    Are you kidding me???!!!

    I tried everything before I was going to bed tonight but seriously I am lost without my Blackberry. I actually am so used to having it play music for me to fall asleep.

    Point is, I had my Bold plugged up to charge while I went to sleep thinking that maybe overnight it would just work.

    I checked on my laptop for email responses to the posts and the first one says try to take battery out for 24hrs, so I get up and remove the battery. I wait 5 hours and just decide to check on it.

    HOLY SH**!! I put the battery in and boom, LED lights up and my baby starts to boot up. I can not believe that just waiting for hours it is back to action!!

    Thank you for the assistance because I planned on calling for an insurance claim in the morning!!


    Luis Merlos
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    wow Glad you got it to work again, sometimes they just fix them selves is kinda hard to fry a bb unless you literally don't know what your doing and plug the wrong pieces.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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