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Blackberry w/ diff SIMs in Multiple Countries

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    Hello. I need some help. Here's my story.

    (1) I will be traveling to 3 (currently unconfirmed) countries for a consulting project. Each location visit will be 3-5 months long.

    (2) I want to access my email wherever possible (i.e. not at my home or office) as to not have to rely on shady Internet Cafes while on the road (there will be a lot of "site visits").

    (3) Ideally, I would also like to have a local number. Since I'll be in each location for 3-5 months, a global plan with roaming will be very expensive.

    – What is the most cost effective way of pulling this off?

    – What Blackberry device will do the trick?

    – Can I purchase an unlocked Blackberry device and swap in and out local SIM cards (i.e. with local phone numbers) that still keeps my Blackberry email? Are there such Blackberry SIM cards, or do these SIM cards only change the local number, yet Blackberry email service continues to be provided (and paid for) through the phone's original wireless carrier?

    – How do I pull this off leaving from the US?

    Thank you


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    Does anyone has answer for the above one? I want to share things on this with my friend as he need to go out of the country for 75 days.


    Terrence T
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    When i am overseas, i will turn on wifi.

    This was, all my data (including blackberry services) will be routed through wifi. Hence, no need to pay anything (data charge) for roaminng =)

    Any device should do, but i have tried only from os v4.5 onwards


    Luis Merlos
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    There are a few options 1 would be to unlock your device and purchase a local sim but you may not have data unless you hook up to wifi.

    If you use T-mobile you can use UMA over wifi which shouldn't be charge as long distance calls just regular calls and you will still have data but only when on WIFI.

    There are some global SIM pre-paid that you can buy and those can be expensive as well.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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