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BlackBerry Browser to match Apple’s iPhone ?

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    Ronen Halevy
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    wow, that would be nice.

    i just returned an iphone 3GS cause the battery life failed on all levels.

    it’s pretty sad when you’re hesitant to use a powerful device like the iphone 3GS.

    anyways, safari mobile owns the bb native browser.

    RIM please make something comparable. that is all.


    Greg Myers
    Posts: 36


    If there is one point that RIM has dropped the ball, it is in their native browser. In a recent acquisition for an undisclosed sum of money, The Canadian BlackBerry manufacturer bought into a web kit developer by the name of Torch Mobile.

    Torch Mobile stated on their web site, “Our team of developers will join RIM’s global organization and will now be focused on utilizing our WebKit-based mobile browser expertise to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of the BlackBerry platform”.

    So can RIM keep pace with Apple’s mobile Safari ? Only time will tell… And if all the rumors are true. That time will be Summer, 2010.

    You can check out more at :Torch Mobile

    (Courtesy: KPatel via tips@berryreview)

    BlackBerry Browser to match Apple’s iPhone ?


    Luis Merlos
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    I hope rim does keep some of the features the current browser has because some of the current 3rd party browsers lack shortcuts and are not as user friendly


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    BlackBerry Browser to match Apples iPhone ?

    Why try and Match the iPhone, just build a good browser, it doesnt have to “match” anyones browser, it just should be a browser that is suitable enough to be called a BlackBerry Browser, other cell phones follow the iPhone, BlackBerry doesnt need to follow anyone.


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    Well said!

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