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    Terrence T
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    Well, we all know that blackberry 9000 is known as the blackberry bold, which happens to be the first generation.

    Then came Blackberry 9700 which came to us as the second generation, bold 2.

    If we follow the above naming, then Blackberry 9650 is also supposed to be under the Bold series. Do we name it bold 3 or bold (which number?)

    Now the headache comes:

    Do we call the Blackberry 9780 Bold 3 (considering the above), or Bold 4?

    I’m confused. :(


    9000 – Bold 1




    What’s your take?


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    The 9650 was supposed the “Tour2,” no? Maybe they changed the name to “Bold” 9650 so that a CDMA carrier could have the Bold series, too. (At least I remember reading about that reasoning somewhere.)

    So, I guess it doesn’t really follow your timeline of Bolds.

    My Bold timeline would be according to carrier type.

    GSM: 9000, 9700, 9780

    CDMA: 9650

    Makes more numerical sense to me that way lol. Almost looks like those standardized test questions from middle/highschool where you have to guess the numerical pattern and some made no sense at all.


    Terrence T
    Posts: 732

    Hmm.. 9650 works on gsm as well.. I suppose ur theory is right too…


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    i agree with parked.

    it depends on what carrier you have.

    “Bold timeline would be according to carrier type.

    GSM: 9000 bold 1, 9700 bold 2, 9780 bold 3

    CDMA: 9650 seems like it should be a tour but i guess it can be its own bold 1 on verizon”

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    Yeah, the Bold 9650 was also released for Verizon (GSM), but remember that Verizon also had the Tour 9630, which was “replaced” (or whatever lol) with the “Tour 2” a.k.a. “Bold” 9650.

    So if you want to do the “Tour” timeline:

    1 – 9630

    2 – 9650

    It makes a teeeeeny bit more numerical sense lol.

    But still, I agree with you that the numbers game is a little confusing. When I was shopping for phones, I was like, “OK so is the 9650 the new Tour or a new Bold?” because even some accessories online stores (like Zagg Invisible Shield) lists the 9650 as the “BlackBerry Bold (Tour 2).” invisibleSHIELD | BlackBerry Bold 9650 (Tour 2)


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    So the 9630 is the Tour, the 9650 is the Bold, and the 9670 is…the Style.

    RIM long ago stopped making ANY sense with their numbering schemes. There for a while when the various 8xxx series launched there was ALMOST a pattern you could follow, but they’ve completely blown that out in the 9xxx series.

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    Terrence T
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    And because of that, now the sales people here are saying 9300 is way better than 9700.

    Kinda hard to digest.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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