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2011 Phones – Fresh or Refresh?

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    I’ve heard some complaints on some sites that these phones are merely refreshes and shouldn’t be considered true new models.

    Most of this is related to the disappointment that instead of QNX Devices being announced, we’re still seeing OS6 (in this case 6.1) phones coming out. Some of the snark in comments section of large tech blogs is quite apparent.

    I’m not sure how this can really be justified.. most acknowledge the 9780 is a 9700 refresh. The only changes were the ram and camera megapixels essentially. The Dakota is upgraded in almost every aspect (screen size, ram, presumably CPU, HD recording, VGA res, 3G Mobile Hotspot). Some may say its a Bold 9000 refresh which is even sillier as the difference in specs is even wider.

    The Torch 2 has doubled the CPU speed.. VGA res and I assume (based on the specs of the Dakota) will also have HD recording and 3G mobile hotspot. The body is the same design, but to call it a refresh would be a stretch considering the internal changes.

    The Storm 3 (Monaco) may not even be called the Storm anymore.. so to call it a refresh is even more peculiar. First off, you’ve got a larger screen, better camera, 1.2 ghz cpu, non surepress, very high res screen, etc.

    The Apollo won’t wow with its specs, but it’s a significant jump from the previous Curve. It has higher res, faster cpu, a new body design, and a 5 mega pixel camera. This one is poised to be a hot seller for its low price and relatively good specs.

    If these are refreshes, then so is the iPhone 3GS vs the iPhone 3G. but of course noone would ever accuse Apple of simply “refreshing” their phone line. Look at how Gizmodo gushed over the 3GS:

    What’s the point in buying a new iPhone if it looks exactly like the old one? Because once you start using it, the speed of the iPhone 3GS will amaze you.

    Yes, Blackberries have lagged behind these companies in terms of getting out cutting-edge SUPER smartphones, so there’s a prejudgment of any new phone from RIM. But I think the facts speak louder than that.

    What do you think, is the reaction to RIM’s lineup fair or unfair?

    Man this is crazy. You are dancing with the entire McPoyle Family. These people are freak shows, man...freaks. But you're keeping your cool. You're keeping your cool. You know why? Because you are the Green Man. Green Man is saving your life right now, bro. Just go with the flow.


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    Very unfair.

    People always hating on the berry’s man!

    you made a good point on the iphone. the iphone3G and 3GS, put them side by side and you really cant tell which is which. ???

    Apple had to drop the iphone 4 with a different form factor just so they could keep you apple heads lining up. But then again they could have drop the same exact form from the 3G and add a flash and every one would still run to the nearest apple store because its “new” or better yet in there words “refreshed”

    I know i could put all the berry’s starting from the 8310(1st berry)and on to the Blackberry style and tell them apart. They are all different. A Curve is Curve, and a Bold is a Bold, a Tour is a Tour, and a Torch is a Torch, and a Style is a Style all different models, looks and feels. All of them unique in its own way.

    Yes these are NEW berry’s to us! but if your a hater then you can call them “Refreshed” but then again no product is ever really new because they are all vamped up from a previous one.

    BBM > Apple's millions.


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    Laughable. The iphone is nothing more than a “refresh” and that’s an annual occurrence now.

    Is Apple a great marketer? Sure. But I appreciate good technology and what is there to be impressed about when the product life span is 1 year? Which, btw, is Apple’s intentional doing, believe me, its not new emerging technologies or anything, its a money making gimmick and that is all. Keep demand and interest high. Call me when they are finally done updating it and maybe then I’ll consider an iphone, until then I’ll just wait till “next year.” I’ve tried friend’s, store models…not impressed.

    I was the Palm OS for about 7 years and had a Clie last me almost 4 years before giving it to a friend who used it for another 3 years, and then a second Clie lasted me 3 more until they stopped supporting it. I would have kept using it. My first blackberry was an 8310, had that for over 2 years and now I’m on a 9700, heavily depend on it and even if I upgrade in ’11, my Dad is stoked at the thought of possibly inheriting it, he is all for me upgrading:) Bottom line, I research before I buy and there’s a reason I’m still on blackberry, doesn’t matter what the popular media says.


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    I agree with dshpa1. so many of these amazing smartphones only last for a few months. The Nexus 2 was released within a year of the Nexus one. I am and have always been of blackberry. Their products are well made and durable. However, I do think it is in RIM’s interest (and everyone who favors their products) that they live up to the fierce competitor they are capable of becoming. And while the new smartphones look good on the outside, they should also impress on the inside as well.

    So are the new smartphones fresh or refresh? I think a combination of both.


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    Oh yeah, forgot, I say fresh. Sure they have the similar looking cousins but specs are different and so are the styling.

    Also, if RIM really wanted to respond, all they have to say is that our old products inspire our new products and there’s not much more anyone could say. Look at any business, any industry. There is always a little bit of the “old” in any “new” product. Cars. Phones. Heck, soft drinks, Coca-cola. How many variations of coke did they get away with? Let’s slap fine on them all. lol

    Like I said, laughable.


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    I take no credit for this. I saw someone post this at CB, but their keen eye saw that the screens on some of the leaked new 2011 phones showed something that looks like the Guggenheim in Spain.. It’s hard to make out, and there are alot of buildings around the world with this type of architecture.

    But if it is the Spanish Guggenheim, is it a coincidence that the Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona in mid-February?

    Could we see an announcement from RIM then?

    Jim Balsillie is a confirmed speaker at the conference, so hopefully we hear something then!

    Man this is crazy. You are dancing with the entire McPoyle Family. These people are freak shows, man...freaks. But you're keeping your cool. You're keeping your cool. You know why? Because you are the Green Man. Green Man is saving your life right now, bro. Just go with the flow.

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