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Guides for Transferring from Android, iPhone or BlackBerry to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry told us that they did everything they could to make transferring to BlackBerry 10 as easy as possible. They offer three ways to get your data from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10 along with different routes for iPhone and Android users. iPhone users will have the hardest time since they first need to get…


BlackBerry 10 Adds MicroSDXC 64GB+ Memory Card Support!!! Get One for $60 Shipped!

One of the first things I did when I got my BlackBerry Z10 was plug in a 64GB MicroSDXC card to see if it would work. Sadly it did not work immediately with the exFAT format that it is formatted with by default but RIM is adding exFAT support after launch. The trick to get…


BlackBerry 10 Makes It Easy to Switch Device Data With & Without a PC

RIM tried to make it as easy as possible for both BlackBerry legacy and other mobile OS users (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) to move to BlackBerry 10. They provided multiple ways for uses to move to BlackBerry 10 from BlackBerry 6 & 7 devices. You simply use the “Transfer Device” wizard on your BlackBerry…


Easily View CPU & Memory Usage on Your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

Olivier let me know about a little tip/trick on the latest BlackBerry 10 Beta for the Dev Alpha that really shows it is a development device. If you swipe down diagonally on the top left corner of the screen you will get an overlay on the bottom left side of the screen. This will show…


How to Enable BlackBerry Device Analyzer in OS

   BlackBerry Device Analyzer, is an application/set of tools to monitor the health of your BlackBerry. Among other things, it is used to keep track of service coverage & drops and battery charge/discharge rates. BlackBerry OS – which is the latest OS release for many of the BB7 phones – brought us ‘Application Resource…


Tip: SideLoad PlayBook Apps Using LocalBar2 Without a Proxy

Originally, a PC was required in order to sideload apps onto the PlayBook. The first release of LocalBar was created to give users the ability to sideload apps ‘locally. The PlayBook could now sideload apps onto itself. Using LocalBar, the requirement for a PC was gone. RIM then blocked that feature. The PlayBook can no longer…


Ways to Force PlayBook Android Player to Quit

If you are a regular user of sideloaded Android applications on your PlayBook you may have noticed that the runtime sometimes hangs. This gets really annoying since the only reliable fix seems to be restarting the PlayBook. I am not sure why RIM does not offer users the ability to do this themselves but there…


How to Get Amazon Kindle Working on BlackBerry OS 7 & 7.1 Devices

Many users who upgraded to BlackBerry OS 7 and 7.1 devices were sad to learn that Amazon has not updated their app to support the latest BlackBerry devices. This is a shame since the app actually does work and could easily be updated by Amazon. I have been meaning to mention this little trick for…

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