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BlackBerry 10 “Play On” DLNA Support is a Beautiful Thing

We have been waiting for full on DLNA support on BlackBerry for awhile now since BlackBerry first joined the DLNA group. We saw parts of it creep up in BlackBerry 7.1 but it truly starts shining on BlackBerry 10. In the video, pictures, and music app on BlackBerry 10 you now have the option to…


How to Save ANY Password in the BlackBerry 10 Browser (Bookmarklet)

I just covered how happy I was to learn that Bookmarklets work like a charm on the BlackBerry 10 browser. With that said I had to try out the one bookmarklet that I use the most on both my PC and now my phone. The bookmarklet is called Remember Passwords by Stephen Ostermiller. The reason…


BlackBerry 10′s Browser Supports Bookmarklets! Create QR Codes, Translate Page, & More

  I am happy to report that the BlackBerry 10 browser supports JavaScript Bookmarklets. This is something that competitors like Chrome on Android and iOS struggle with. There is one in particular that I was testing but I will cover it soon. In case you don’t know what Bookmarklets are here is a quick primer….


Save Login & Password Information in the BlackBerry 10 Browser

One of the coolest and much needed features that BlackBerry added in BlackBerry 10 is the ability to save passwords in the browser. It simply prompts you after you login to a website if you wish to save the password for later use. Next time you browse to the page the username and password will…


How to Easily Take a Screenshot on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry has thankfully maintained the really easy shortcut the PlayBook introduced for taking screenshots on BlackBerry 10. You simply hold down both the volume up and down buttons at the same time and you will hear a quick “snap” sound. The screenshots can then be found in the Camera folder on the phone (not the…


Easily Star or Archive Gmail Messages in BlackBerry 10

Here is another BlackBerry 10 tip I noticed recently. One of the things I have been missing from BlackBerry 7 is the ability to star a message in Gmail along with archiving, labeling, and reporting messages as spam. While the latter two are still unavailable I did find a work around for starring and unstarring…


Search BerryReview From Your BlackBerry 10 Browser & Universal Search

  While chatting with one of my friends on the BlackBerry 10 browser team I discovered a few hidden improvements in the BlackBerry 10 Browser. I will be covering them as fast as I can but here is the first one. You can now add BerryReview as a search engine option in the BlackBerry 10…


Quick Tip for Selecting Text on BlackBerry 10

  One of the little usability features that really show the BlackBerry heritage was how to select text on BlackBerry 10. Some of you may have already noticed that you can tap on text or hold down on text and it will pop up the text selection blue bars. What you may have missed is…

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