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Still having an issue with BlackBerry World? Try this fix!

JDuke from OSBB just sent me a BAR file, that might help people having BlackBerry World issues.  Instead of opening up BlackBerry World to the features page, this nifty little work around opens BlackBerry World up in the Game section. Now because this is a 3rd party .bar file you will have to sideload it….


BlackBerry Z10 Lens Tap Trick Makes Fine Text Editing a Breeze

Although the keyboard and autocorrection are very impressive on the BlackBerry Z10, there are times when my thumb spasms cannot be salvaged. Before I knew about this simple, yet effective trick, editing text was a little bit frustrating. If I dragged the lens too slow, the overflow menu would appear with the copy, cut and…


The Quest for the Perfect Wallpaper

One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to freshen the look of your phone is to change the wallpaper.  I realize that some people may be perfectly happy with the wallpaper that came with the phone when they first turned it on or simply inserting a picture of their family, but there are others, like…


How To Type Blazingly Fast on a BlackBerry 10 Virtual Keyboard: Trust

The BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard is new territory for a lot of long time physical qwerty lovers. I was a little hesitant myself to abandon the comfort of the clickity klackity tactile awesomeness that BlackBerry has shaped, improved, and polished over the years.  After seeing the attention to detail and features that were poured into…


How to Clear BlackBerry World Cache on BlackBerry 10

I have been asked this a few times but for some reason I never got around to writing it up. With the launch of WhatsApp and other apps I have once again run into this annoying double cache issue and Piotr at BBNews reminded me with his post about it. There is a really easy…


Step By Step Guide to Sideloading Apps on BlackBerry 10

As many of you may have noticed, a lot of our recent posts for popular apps involve sideloading.  If you are unfamiliar with sideloading, it is taking a downloaded .BAR file, mainly an Android port or a beta copy of a new app and then installing it on your PlayBook or BlackBerry 10 device using…


Easily Gesture to Capitalize a Letter or Type a Number on BlackBerry 10

SLS pointed out an awesome keyboard shortcut to me today on BlackBerry 10. It allows you to easily capitalize a single letter or type a number with a quick gesture. To capitalize a letter you simply perform a swipe gesture from the shift button to the letter you wish to capitalize and voilà we have…

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