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BBM on Android Has A Great Widget

Those of you trying out BBM on Android may have noticed that BlackBerry snuck a new feature into the new release. The app now has a widget on Android that allows you to access all of your BBM chats from your homescreen in a resizable 4×4 square widget. It works quite well and is very…


Camera Focus Lock & Face Detection Added In BlackBerry OS

  BlackBerry has snuck another cool feature into OS 10.2 without telling anyone. BBin noticed that BlackBerry added the ability to lock the focus on the camera and video camera in OS Many of you may already be on a later leaked version that has this feature so try it out. All you need…


How to Sideload Viber’s Android App on BlackBerry OS 10.2 (Tango & Skype Too)

   Last night, Viber made it official that they will not be supporting BB10 until it gains traction. Unfortunately that plays into the chicken and egg issue on BlackBerry 10 with a lack of app support. The sad part is that Viber’s Android app works on BlackBerry 10 with OS 10.2 however finding the right…


How to Possibly Delete a Sent but Unread BBM Message

  Over the years some of us have run into the issue of sending a BBM message or picture to the wrong person or writing the wrong thing. Some have discovered a quick hack for this but I thought I would mention it since Caspan brought it up to me again. He actually wrote up…


Sideload Apps that use Google Maps API with this APK hack!

The new adventure of “sideloading” has certainly taken on quite an evolution: Back since OS 2 of the Playbook and the early days of BB10, we were able to quickly sideload simple apps – but not apps using Android native code. Along came what has become known as “the xsacha method” to use the DebugToken…


Make Typing Easier with Word Substitutions!

Word Substitutions and the Custom Dictionary are some great features baked right in to any BlackBerry OS that are highly under utilized.  And now with a virtual keyboard on my Z10, I find myself using them more than ever.  It’s so easy to just type ‘brl’ for my BerryReview email address, or ‘sigg’ to have…


Having Issues With the Latest BlackBerry Maps Update? Downgrade Now

We didn’t mention the last update to BlackBerry Maps because it caused issues on my device. Since then I have found that version that was supposed to fix defects and improve performance actually did the exact opposite for MANY people. Many users found that the app would crash immediately upon launching it. Dan let…


BlackBerry 10.1 MR Lets You Gesture Between Messages & More

I have been begging BlackBerry to add more swipe gestures in the BlackBerry Hub and it seems like they are listening. Michael Clewley just revealed a much needed yet unintuitive (until you know it) gesture to swipe between messages in the BlackBerry 10 hub in the latest OS 10.1 Maintenance Release (and many leaks). You…

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