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Email Text Resizes to Fill The Screen in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 – No More Scrolling Side to Side!

  I am not sure what took me so long to realize this came in 10.2.1 but I have been wanting this feature for ages. BlackBerry now resizes the text in emails you receive to fit the screen if you zoom in on the area. Its not 100% but it does work. You simply just…


Updated: 1Mobile Can Update & Manage Your Android Apps on BlackBerry 10

Update: Sorry guys I jumped the gun. Turns out you cannot update apps that you installed through BlackBerry World. It errors out. We forgot to mention in our previous post about 1Mobile that they have a key feature that is HUGE for Android apps on BlackBerry 10. 1Mobile scans all of the Android apps on…


Having "No Connection" Error in 1Mobile Store on BlackBerry 10? (Possible Fix)

  So far the best store I have found for Android APK’s on BlackBerry 10.2.1 has been 1Mobile. A few users reported to me this week that they were having an issue where the app stopped loading certain screens and just displayed “no connection.” This also happened to me recently and I came across a…


Cool new Lock Screen security option in latest leak

 One of the cool new features I recently discovered in the latest leak (now that it has finally been made available for my Z10) is a picture-based security code, called Picture Password. You choose from a variety of different pictures and you choose one digit. The “code” is the placement of that digit in an…


Remote File Access Is One of the Coolest Features in BlackBerry 10

One of the coolest but least mentioned features on BlackBerry OS 10.1 (and some older builds) is the two way remote file access built into BlackBerry Link. If you have BlackBerry Link installed on your desktop and associated with your BlackBerry 10 device you can access files both way. So far I have found this…


All The BBM Special Characters You Could Want for BlackBerry, Android, & iPhone

We have had quite a few new iOS and Android readers ask us about the special characters and flags they are seeing in BBM. Our friends at CrackBerry pointed out how get the country flags in BBM but as we have mentioned in the past there are WAY more Unicode characters available. The best listing…


Hide the BBM Action Bar for More Screen Space on Android & iPhone

One of the complaints I have been getting from BBM users on Android and iPhone is that they do not have much screen space once the keyboard pops up. Sadly BlackBerry does not have a simple wizard for configuring these options at first launch but they thankfully do have a fix. If you hit the…


Advanced: How to Force Load the Latest OS 10.2 On Your BlackBerry

We have been getting multiple requests from readers on how to get OS 10.2 on their BlackBerry 10 devices. The old method for leaks still is open as they come out though we wont see as many of OS 10.2.1 due to a change they made radio-wise. On the other hand many of us BlackBerry…

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