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FAQ: Easily Get Hebrew on Your BlackBerry Smartphone

We have mentioned Cheservices a few times as a good source for OTA Hebrew input files but SLS let us know about a similar project he is working on. He setup www.slsapps.com that has the OTA Hebrew language files for quite a few devices ranging from OS 4.5 to 7.1. Let us know if it…


PlayBook Documents to Go 2.0 Change Log & Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts

When I asked RIM what they added in Documents to Go v2.0 that shipped with PlayBook OS 2.0 I did not get a straight answer. Thankfully Ty from RIM’s HelpBlog was more persistent and managed to get a high level change log for the new version. Some of the updates I already noticed but others…


Use Gmail to Sync Your PlayBook, Smartphone, and Outlook Contacts & Calendar

One of the most common questions I have been getting since PlayBook OS 2.0 launched is how to sync your BlackBerry Smartphone contacts and calendar with your BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 apps. If you are on a BES with Exchange then this is no problem since activesync will take care of it for you but…


How to Add Yahoo Email, Contacts, & Calendar to Your PlayBook OS 2.0

If you happen to still be a Yahoo user and upgraded to PlayBook OS 2.0 you may have noticed that RIM does not have a menu option to add Yahoo accounts. It will easily add your Yahoo email account but contacts and calendar do not get setup easily. Turns out RIM has kindly put out…


Tips & Tricks for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Email, Contacts, & Calendar (Help Us Build The List!)

In the last few hours I have had a chance to dig further into the latest released PlayBook OS 2.0. This is a huge step forward for RIM but a totally new interface even for current BlackBerry owners. I thought we could start by creating a tips and tricks list where we can all share…


SNES Emulator on the PlayBook in Action!!!

I grew up playing SNES. It started with MarioWorld and MarioKart and moved into Super Punch Out, StarFox, Street Fighter 2, and UN Squadron. Needless to say, as soon as I found out this SNES emulator was available for PlayBook, I sprinted for my PC, PB, and USB cable to get the retro goodness rolling!…


How to add fonts to your BlackBerry smartphone (without an app)

For years, I was under the impression you could only install fonts with the assistance of an app. I recently found out that is not at all accurate. You simply need the a font in TrueType (.ttf) format. In this guide, for illustration purposes, I will be using the free (open source)  ’Ubuntu-R’ font. *WARNING:…


Devs: RIM Details One of the Ways to Get Your App Featured in App World

DN pointed out to me that RIM slipped a little bit extra information in the previous tips we mentioned earlier today for developers to maximize their profits on App World. For awhile there has been a sort of unofficial way to submit your apps for consideration for RIM’s App World featured carousel. Now they have…

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