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New Novy Theme from BB-Freaks…50 Free Copies!

BB-Freaks are fast becoming the masters of slick theme design. Their latest release, Novy is rich, glossy and very functional. Available for a variety of BlackBerry devices, Novy is on sale for $2.99. A real good price for such an intricate theme. However…and yes there is a ‘however’…BB-Freaks is being awesomely generous yet again by…


Slick, New Holdy Theme from BB-Freaks – 50 Freebies!

BB-Freaks has a winner with this one IMO. Holdy is slick, sharp and very stylish. I am totally loving the brilliant icons and overall design of this theme. According to BB-Freaks, “The clean & vibrant homescreen features 5 predefined icons (Browser, Messages, Profiles, Manage Connections & BlackBerry Button), a hidden dock with 7(landscape)/10(portrait) customizable icons…


New iShelved from Ninja Themes!

Ninja Theme’s has been quiet for a while but they’re back with this latest release, iShelved. A very sharp styled yet easy to access theme, “iShelved comes packed with slickness. 9 user-customizable icons + ocd “weather” slot, awesomely distinct iPhone icons stacked on a shelf. Background is user-customizable, so you can make it look as…


New TokiKitty PlayTime Theme from Ninja Themes – 20 Freebies!

The latest girly theme to come out of the Ninja’s Lair stirs up memories of fun times at the playground…except this is much cuter. TokiKitty Playtime features sweet Hello Kitty in her TokiDoki costume amongst other TokiDoki characters. Now Ninja tells me his ‘sister’ theme site now has its own blog called CuteSkip Themes…so be…


New Evy Theme from BB-Freaks – 50 Free Copies!

Miquel over at BB-Freaks is insanely kind…he’s giving away 50 freebies of this latest theme release called EVY. Supporting several newer BlackBerry devices, EVY is a real eye-popping theme. Slick colors, bright icons and lots of cool features give this theme a classic style. More features below: Description: Evy is a great theme with a…


Free Sunset Theme For The 85xx From MrsBerry

Is not often that I get to post about themes since Vicky does a pretty good job at that, but I wanted to mention this theme from MrsBerry. She does a great job and offers most of her themes for free. Who doesn’t like sunsets right? One of her latest one is the Sunset them…


New Loop Theme from Hedone Design

If you’re into wintery sports mixed with edgy design, Loop, the latest theme to come out of Hedone Design was made for you. Loop offers a bright blue and crisp white color scheme as well as a “customizable vertical slider menu that descends from the top of the screen…”. More information and screen shots can…


New Besty Theme from BBFreaks – 50 Freebies!

The newest release from BB-Freaks is Besty. Featuring a bottom dock with interchangeable colors to choose from and wallpaper friendly layout, this is a theme you can customize just for you! Available for a variety of BlackBerry devices, Besty is currently on sale for $2.99 but BB-Freaks is sweet enough to give away 50 freebies…

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