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Aura Mobile BT – Mobile Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone

I was in a meeting and one of the attendees pulled one of these out and impressed me. It is essentially a Polycom like speakerphone meant for conferencing that hooks up to your Berry over Bluetooth. Most BlackBerrys have speakerphone options but they sound tinny and would not work for 10 people in a room….


4GB MicroSDHC Card @ Newegg – $6.49 With Free Shipping

I spotted this slick deal on TechBargains. Newegg is selling a Transcend 4GB MicroSDHC card for $6.49 with free shipping. That’s about the best deal I have seen so far. There is a limit of 2 per customer but I doubt you would need more than one. This is not the largest MicroSDHC card out…


WildCharge – Wireless Charging For Pearl & Curve

WildCharge has been promising a wireless charging solution for quite awhile and has finally delivered. They are now selling their wireless charging mat and skin for the Pearl 8110/20/30 or Curve for $79.99. Its not really wireless since you need to put a skin on your Berry and place it directly on the mat but…


Seidio Opens Pre-Order For 3500mAh Extended Battery For Bold – More Than Double The Battery Life

Seidio let me know that they have started accepting pre-orders for their upcoming 3500mAh battery for the Bold which will ship Nov 28th. That is more than double the standard 1550mAh standard battery!!! The only downside is that it requires a new back cover that extends the back of the device 5-6mm.  The included back…


Socket Mobile Offers Bluetooth Scanners

I know this will not interest many of you but I thought it was worth mentioning. Socket Mobile just let me know that their Bluetooth scanners are now compatible with the Bold, Curve, & Pearl. Personally I am getting tired of only seeing Windows Mobile & old Palm devices being used to scan barcodes and…


Seidio Releases Accessories For The Bold

Seidio released some slick new accessories for the Bold recently that I thought were worth mentioning. Personally I was a huge fan of the spring case holster for the Curve so I already have one shipped to me for the Bold. (Review coming soon) They also released a case along with a case holster and…


SanDisk 16GB MicroSDHC Card $89.99 @ Amazon – Unflippingbelievable!

Not sure how the hell this slipped by me. 16GB MicroSD cards are going for $89.99 at Amazon with free shipping!!! I mentioned when the 16GB cards first started showing up but they were only from small website stores that could not really be trusted or were charging a small mortgage. Turns out that Amazon…


Verizon Storm Accessories Screen Candy Make An Appearance

Our friend Kevin over @ CrackBerry managed to score a picture of 3 of the upcoming Verizon Storm accessories. Nothing really surprising here but that middle holster looks like a Seidio holster. Verizon has a history of using their products before on the Curve so maybe they are also making the silicone cover and display…

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