Review: iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry Storm

Review: iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry Storm [rating:8.5] 8.5 /10 cost: $29.99 Website: I finally caved…… Anyone who knows me I am a live and die BlackBerry guy, and ZERO iphone, or anything else that starts with  an “i”. I desperately needed a body guard for my BlackBerry Storm. After doing some research I decided…


Preorder Allerta inPulse Handsfree BlackBerry Watch

Personally I am still struggling with the idea of why I would want a BlackBerry watch accessory but the Allerta inPulse Handsfree BlackBerry Watch is now available for preorder. The price is not as terrible as I was expecting at $149 but still not a casual purchase in my book. Check it out at….


Review: Otterbox Commuter Case for BB 8900

Review: Otterbox 8900 series Commuter Case Link: [Rating:9.5] Price: $34.95+Shipping Otterbox is known for making some of the toughest cases for electronics & they keep improving their product line. Just recently they launched the Commuter case for the 8900 & 8520 rim devices & Otterbox sent me a sample over for review.  With this…


BlackBerry Wireless Bluetooth Headset HS-500 Released

RIM let me know that they have officially released the HS-500 Bluetooth Wireless Headset that we mentioned before. I had a chance to check out the headset at a recent event and it looks pretty cool but not groundbreaking. The main appeal is the fact that it uses a MicroUSB charger port like newer BlackBerrys…


Review: Jabra Halo Bluetooth Headphones – Ultimate Series

Review: Jabra Halo Bluetooth Headphones – Ultimate Series [rating:9] Price: $130 Directly | Summary: The Jabra Halo is one of the most high-class bluetooth stereo headsets thus far. But at times the new technologies the Jabra Halo employs leads to reduced functionality and the limitations of bluetooth stereo technology on a whole dampen the…


Review: Case-Mate BlackBerry Bold Fuel – Rechargeable Battery Pack

REVIEW: Case-Mate BlackBerry Bold Fuel – Rechargeable Battery Pack [rating:8.5] Cost: $74.95 @ BerryReview Store The Case-Mate rechargeable battery pack is a Blackberry belt clip with a built in external battery designed exclusively for the Bold (for now). As a battery extender: In the event that you forget to charge your Blackberry and don’t have…


New BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset Coming Soon

RIM has really been working on their accessory line with recent devices. Scott let me know about the latest accessory RIM has put on which is the BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset. The headset looks pretty standard but adds in features like automatic volume control. I am not sure how this will compare with a…


What’s Worse – iCape or iTwinge?

When I see these types of accessories it makes me iCringe. The latest and greatest in haircut gadget accessories is the iCape and the iTwinge tries to make the iPhone a BlackBerry wannabe. The iCape is essentially a haircut cape with a clear 6” by 8” window in the front so you don’t have to…

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