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Bell Canada crippling BB Maps?

After catching wind of the story in several news outlets, I decided to go after the source of the turmoil: a remarkably long thread at howardforums.com. Looks like Bell, the Canadian carrier, has decided to take a page from Verizon’s book. Several sources have been hinting at an evil plan devised by Bell to implement…


Rant: What’s up with Rove Mobile

With the latest developments, Rove Mobile seems to be getting lots of negative attention and I agree with it. First they got rid of their freeware stuff, their screen capture software and the file manager (which became freeware several months ago). The only way to get them is if you have a purchased product from…


Verizon Plays the Hype Game

Yes, there is new information regarding the BlackBerry Storm making land fall on America’s largest 3G network, but I will get to that in a minute. I would first like to rant about this particular cell phone carrier for just a minute. I am sick of companies (no Verizon is not the first nor last…


RANT! RIM Newsletter Needs To Get With The program

Yesterday I got a weird email from RIM that really had me shaking my head. I have already gotten used to RIM spouting old news in their BlackBerry Connection newsletter but this one took the cake: BES v4.1 Service Pack 6 was released back in the middle of July… What are they doing sending out…


RANT! The Promising BlackBerry Wallet – What Happened?

I know 2 rants in one day is a bit much but I am curious to learn what happened to this promising application. We told you that it was released back in May. We then followed up with instructions on how to integrate it into a mobile website. Now we are almost 2 months later and…


RANT! $1,310 Per Megabyte For Text Messages

I was preparing all of my wrath to write a rant on higher text messages when this post by Nicholas Deleon of CrunchGear stole my thunder. Nicholas did some basic math and found that at $0.20 per 160 bytes translates into $1,310 for one megabyte (1,048,576 bytes) of text messages. Note: This assumes that you…


RANT! Pulling A Vlingo – A Case Study

Since we mentioned Vlingo we have been receiving a ton of emails and comments with complaints about the software. I could not believe what readers were claiming so I decided to try it myself. I was disappointed to say the least. Then I got this rant from Harold and had to share. I think this…


RANT! Why Is Developing For BlackBerry Such A Pain?

I know I can’t speak from direct experience but this point just keeps on getting raised. The creator of BBSmart, Neil, wrote a whole rant about his experiences with developing themes for BlackBerry. Personally I tried picking up some of the BlackBerry tools but even with my background in programming and graphic design I just…

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