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Developers – Please Customize Ported Games for BlackBerry

RIM has been making some great strides recently in their communication with the developer community. Their recent webinar on web development had over 500 attendees from around the world. They were even kind enough to offer a recording of the webinar for those who missed it. Brian Z., a RIM employee, wrote a great article…


Rant: 3rd-Party Apps That Break OS Functions!

I just needed to rant about something that I have seen more and more lately – well, ever since I transitioned from my 8830 to my 9630 (aka Tour)… It appears that more and more frequently as BlackBerry third-party application developers attempt to code around API limitations, they stomp upon some other capability that is…


I Have A BlackBerry Dream – An Open Letter to RIM

I have a BlackBerry dream that one day RIM will embrace their consumers and not compromise that relationship with carrier whims. This letter was a long time coming but I finally decided to write it when a few RIM employees mentioned that I have been a bit harsh and negative towards RIM recently. In my…


RANT! RIM Needs To Put a Limit on Carrier Homescreen Shortcuts

This has really started to get out of hand. A year ago when I registered a new BlackBerry on AT&T I received about 13 homescreen shortcuts promoting AT&T applications. Now a year later I just received yet another 10 homescreen shortcuts that I really could do without. At least this time AT&T had the decency…


The Storm comes to Brazil. I am not thrilled.

The fact that I speak English (at least, I try) makes me very insensitive to certain issues that I only realized last week, when I read that the BlackBerry Storm would be officially released in Brazil. But I have a very good reason to be insensitive: I am not running a multi-million dollar company. What…


Firewall to be put up around Australia; We need your help guys and girls.

Now I know this may be slightly off topic and I’m using my position for personal triumph but we really need you guys and girls to help us out here. See we only have 22 million citizens here and we need a petition signed by as many people as we can against a new government policy that is going to be…


Rant! Handango’s Download Protection Is A Joke Gone Sour – Use Gmail As Free Download Protection

Louis reminded me about Handango’s "Download Protection" racket. This is where Handango tries to charge you $4.99 for each application you purchase to (and I quote) "Fee safe" about your purchase. This is the reason I boycotted them a bit back but there is quite a bit of software that can only be found on…


Prevention is easier than the Cure?

Slashdot aired this little beauty earlier today and I thought it was timely in respect to the article written here yesterday. This really says to me; “Well hell, if fines and/or laws won’t stop people texting or taking phone calls whilst driving, then the software developers will”. It was only really a matter of time…

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