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Poll: Does your BlackBerry Knowledge Influence the People Around You?

I was out at the mall yesterday, and happened to run in to an old classmate from college at the Bell store, and saw him looking at a 9780 and an Atrix.  I immediately had to go and talk to him and ask what his needs and wants were for the phone, and whipped out…


Dear BlackBerry PlayBook Haters, Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid

I am always amazed when analysts and reporters love to open their mouths to prepare for more “foot” to be shoved in. For the last month or two we have been hearing non stop tirades on how the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook will be a non starter and pales when pitted against the competition. I see…


One Developer Has 4300+ “Apps” in BlackBerry App World!

Over the past few months I have seen more and more eBooks accepted into App World and I am not sure what to make of it. I just checked the Reference & eBooks section of App World is now the LARGEST category of “apps” in App eBook World. It has more than doubled (it was…


An Explanation From RIM on Why App World Updates are SLOW

Any hardcore BlackBerry user can tell you that updates in App World are ridiculously slow. This is simply mind blowing for a company that prides itself in push communications. A developer friend of mine sent me over a link to a RIM document that explains why App World updates are so pitifully slow. It just…


Why NOT to Worry About the PlayBook’s Battery Life

Once again, analyst Shaw Wu is pushing the claim that the PlayBook will have poor battery life. The calm and rational response is that we don’t really know, and will have a much clearer answer when it is released in a few weeks. The vindictive response is however more fun and interesting. Despite being an…


Jim Balsillie Goes “Over The Top” Answering Earnings Call Question

If you have been reading BerryReview for even a few weeks you will know I appreciate a good rant. I missed this beautiful rant by Jim Balsillie in answer to a well worded question by Rod Hall of JP Morgan during the RIM earnings call tonight. Dan Frommer over at Business Insider has done a…


RANT! App World Update Notifications Slower Than Snail Mail

Since App World was launched I have had an issue with the caching system that RIM uses. There are a couple of features in App World that are simply slow or delayed making them a stumbling block for RIM. The thing is most of these issues are actually self inflicted by RIM in trying to…


Guess What SignalBooster For BlackBerry Does?!?

The latest Optimizer/Booster has made its way into App World and this time it promises that: If you lose your signal, this app gets it back in one-touch! If your radio reception is bad, get it boosted with SignalBooster! We know that memory boosters and battery boosters are must have apps for BlackBerry. They manage…

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