Love in the Time of “Anonymous High-level RIM Employees”

Every few months another “Anonymous High Level RIM Employee” seems to pick up the phone and call the BGR to share some doom or gloom. The latest entertainment comes from one of BGR’s “most trusted sources” who is also a “high-level RIM employee.” Here his some of the latest inflammatory tidbits out of this anonymous…


The Web, Not Apps, Is the Future

  Over the years since Apple started their app craze I always felt that most of these apps were poor excuses for Low-Fi website frontends. I am not talking about games but rather actual apps. This has not stopped more and more apps from being released on multiple platforms fragmenting things further and further. HTML5…


When is Enough Enough? The BlackBerry 7 “White Screen of Death”

With every up, there is a down.  It is just how life works.  Not everything you love is perfect, and that poses the question of when does one out weigh the other? The issue I seem to be having is JVM errors and White Screen of Deaths! (WSD).


Even When RIM Does Something Right They Still Get Hammered for it… (Adobe Flash)

I have been having a field day reading all of the articles readers have sent in today about Adobe getting out of the mobile browser Flash game. Read some of the titles and you will see what I mean: Necrophile RIM Promises to Keep Flash Alive on PlayBook for Some Reason Gizmodo RIM to forge…


Dear RIM Legal, Enough with the Beta Zone User License Agreements!

   I am all for RIM Legal protecting the company from valid legal threats but it is starting to seem like their bonuses are based on how much they can annoy customers in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. I am not talking about them holding up projects or being in dire need of streamlining. Today the…


Copier Jams at RIM Headquarters! (Humor & Video)

(insert media source) Developing Breaking Hot Exclusive Bullshit!!! “Trusted sources and unnamed insiders reported today at Research In Motion’s Headquarters at Phillip Street in Waterloo, Ontario, that one of the back-up copiers on the fourth floor briefly jammed this morning. A sheet of paper went all “shready” while winding its way through the copier and…


Should RIM Fire the Lawyers and Hire Developers?

One of the most interesting parts about yesterdays earning call and fiscal stats was that RIM announced a “Cost Optimization Program” that spells bad news for some of RIM’s 17,000+ employees. Cost Optimization according to RIM will involve streamlining operations across RIM and will include a headcount reduction. While reading what RIM meant by this…


Ode to the BlackBerry Bold 9900 (aka: Dear RIM, wtf?!)

I accidentally tempted one of our readers this week to write a poem on why RIM should give her a BlackBerry Bold 9900 now instead of making her wait. The dare worked out and Ashley whipped up a nice Ode to the BlackBerry Bold 9900 to vent a bit of her frustration. I know the…

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