Poll Results: What Secondary Feature Do You Use Most

Last week, we asked you what secondary feature you used the most on your BlackBerry. We asked you to ignore the basic features such as email, calendar, and other PIM tasks and focus outside of the core BlackBerry feature set. The results are in (over 500 responses) and I find them quite interesting. [poll id=”5″]…


Poll: What Secondary Feature Do You Use The Most?

Since the BlackBerry has grown up to be more than just a glorified pager I have always been interested in what else people use it for. I am talking beyond phone, email, and basic PIM management. By secondary features I mean the ones that are not the bread and butter of the BlackBerry. I know…


Poll Results: Verizon Will Cripple The Thunder

It was interesting to see the results of the poll we ran a bit back. We asked you “What will Verizon cripple in the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder/9500/Storm?” Turns out that there is almost no doubt in over 95% of of our readers minds that Verizon will do their best to cripple some of the…


Poll: How Will Verizon Cripple The BlackBerry Thunder?

Over the last few weeks, we have been hearing quite a bit about the upcoming BlackBerry Thunder. The point that many people, including myself, have glossed over is the fact that it is coming to Verizon. Verizon is notorious for trying to monetize every feature on their phones. If they can’t monetize it, they try…


Poll Results: What BlackBerry do you have your heart set on?

On Thursday last week we published the first BerryReview poll asking everybody what BlackBerry they have their heart set on. Well a total of 663 of you have spoken and the results are in. I was shocked when I saw that the Bold won with 50% of the vote. I know I have my heart…


Poll: What BlackBerry do you have your heart set on?

Here at BerryReview we are always up for something new. Be it a theme directory or Quiz. So now we wanted to see if you would enjoy our polls. If this goes well we will keep them coming. The poll works fine from your BlackBerry browser but will probably not work in your RSS reader….

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