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Poll: Do You Want a GPS App With On Device Maps?

I really do not understand what the holdup is. I had a Windows Mobile device years ago that had GPS and on device maps. My BlackBerry has tons of free space on its MicroSD card just waiting for maps. It just blows my mind that my sub-$100 Mio c310x is a better GPS than my…


Poll: So How Do You Like The BlackBerry Tour?

So the BlackBerry Tour dropped yesterday and many of you picked it up. This is the device many of you were waiting for since Verizon released the dated 8330. So what do you think about it? [poll id=”16″]


Poll: Do You Care About Billing VIA Your Carrier in the App World?

Most news sources seem to agree that the BlackBerry App World is a decent first try from RIM but really needs more to make it stand out in the crowd. In a recent interview Mike Lazaridis had with Laptop Magazine (via FierceDeveloper) he said that carrier billing is something that they are working on currently…


Poll: Would you swap carriers to get hold of RIMs hottest new device?

As you are all probably aware by now, the new BlackBerry Storm will only be available on a few networks worldwide. My question here is, are you prepared to swap to that carrier if it means getting hold of RIMs hottest new device ??  [poll id=”13″]


Poll: New Comment System On BerryReview – Reply By Email!

Here at BerryReview we are always trying to encourage conversations between and with our readers. In that vein we are testing out a new comment system on BerryReview and would love to hear what you think about it. The new comment system is powered by IntenseDebate and offers quite a few more features that we…


Poll Results: Alternative To BlackBerry

Greg ran a great poll a little over a week ago and I thought others would be interested in the results. Greg asked all of you what OS based device you would switch to if RIM & the BlackBerry were no longer a viable option. The shocking part is that the unreleased and just announced…


Poll: Are You Using BES Or Do You Only Have BIS?

For awhile I have wondered if most BerryReview Readers are running their device on a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) or they only use BIS (BlackBerry internet server). BES has traditionally been for corporate users and BIS has been targeted towards BIS users. We posted a FAQ article earlier this week detailing the differences between BES…


Poll: BlackBerry OS. What is the alternative?

What if ??? As a purely hypothetical question (and more out of morbid curiosity); If RIM were to foreclose tomorrow and BlackBerry devices were no longer available, which platform/device OS would you go with? There is a fair bit of devices out there to choose from so I decided to focus on the operating systems powering these…

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