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Q10 Admired by Current and Former BlackBerry Users, Poll Shows

As we await the Q10′s arrival in the US market, the question of how popular it will be is on everyone’s minds. The Z10, of course, met the needs of touchscreen lovers, but are there enough people who will like the Q10 to justify its existence and help keep BlackBerry afloat? Well, it looks like…


Poll: Does your BlackBerry Knowledge Influence the People Around You?

I was out at the mall yesterday, and happened to run in to an old classmate from college at the Bell store, and saw him looking at a 9780 and an Atrix.  I immediately had to go and talk to him and ask what his needs and wants were for the phone, and whipped out…


Poll: BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad 2 – How do They Stack Up?

I know the iPad 2 announcement is still pretty fresh but I thought I would throw this poll up to gather your initial reaction to Apple’s announcement. I am really curious to see if the iPad 2 has changed the game for RIM in any way or if the PlayBook is still front and center…


Poll: Do You Use BlackBerry Wi-Fi Media Sync?

One of the main features added in BlackBerry 6 with BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 was the ability to sync your music over Wi-Fi. At first I thought I would love this feature until I realized that it required me to use iTunes or Windows Media Player. Personally I was just looking for a way to…


Poll: Have You Ever Performed a Wireless OS Update?

I finally had a chance to perform a wireless OS update yesterday and was wondering how many of you have also used this feature. When it first came out I thought it could be a game changer for RIM since OS updates are risky business for newbie users and time consuming for power users. I…


Poll: Have You Purchased a $0.99 App In App World?

A week ago RIM launched App World 2.0 out of beta. One of the big new changes was the addition of new price points at $0.99 and $1.99 compared to the previous prices of $2.99+. We asked you when it launched what you thought of the new price options and the majority of readers think…


Poll: What Do You Think Of The New Lower Prices in App World?

Until today App World developers were forced to price their apps from $2.99 or up. This was arguably both a good and bad thing based on what side of the fence you sit on. Other app stores are full of 99 cent apps which leads to quite a few one trick pony apps. I used…


Poll: Did You Buy a BlackBerry Torch 9800 Yesterday?

I know we asked yesterday if you were planning on picking up a BlackBerry Torch 9800 but I am curious how many of you actually did. RIM never releases launch data but at least from this we can see a crude percentage of how many people did pick one up. I know many of you…

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