BlackBerry 10.3 Allows For Android App Permission Changes via "App Ops"

Some of you may know that Google slipped up in Android 4.3 and allowed regular users access to what they called an “internal testing app” called “App Ops” that they eventually removed in Android 4.4.2. This app was tucked away in some hidden settings menu and allowed users to selectively remove permissions that an Android…


Chen States That “BlackBerry Runs 98% of all the Android Apps”

It seems like BlackBerry 10s Android Runtime is going to be touted as more of a feature in the near future. In the interview we mentioned previously with the WSJ, John Chen stated that BlackBerry is all about the quality of the phone paired with the software which he thinks gives it an edge over…


John Chen Loves Working On “Complex, High-Risk, High-Reward Puzzles”

John Chen bared a little more of his soul and plans for BlackBerry in a new interview with the Wall Street Journal in Jakarta. What I found most insightful was the fact that he has no intention of running BlackBerry as a niche company and how he is all about the turnaround. He stated point…


Will 128GB MicroSD Cards Work With The BlackBerry Smartphone?

One question many users have asked me is, will the new 128GB memory cards work? Well, we have the answer for you here! Read on for it!


Fairfax Financial & Third Point Trim Their BlackBerry Holdings

The latest news over the weekend is that two of BlackBerry’s major investors have cut down a bit of their holdings in BlackBerry stock. Prem Watsa’s Fairfax Financial has sold off 5.2 million shares and Dan Loeb’s Third Point LLC sold off the 10 million shares it picked up last year. This puts Fairfax owning…


UnSend Emails Now Available!

Have you ever sent an imcomplete email or an email that you have regretted? Well, fret not, because Devcellent has come up with a new application, UnSend, to help you with that! This was one of my most handy feature in the legacy devices in their application Email++.


Video: BlackBerry Revenge

Here’s an amazing video by Joe Moreno, showcasing BlackBerry’s revenge. Now with John Chen at the helm and the nice statistics by Z3, is it BlackBerry’s revenge time? Only time will tell!


Twitter for BlackBerry 10 Update in Beta Zone

BlackBerry has pushed out a small update to Twitter for BlackBerry 10 in the Beta Zone. This update to brings improved app load times along with fixing bugs and other improvements. Check it out in the Beta Zone app!

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